‘Catfish’ S7, E26: Aubri and Brian’s Shady Snapchat

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On tonight’s all-new episode of Catfish, Nev and co-host Slick Woods help 19-year-old Aubri find her Snapchat love, Brian. Brian says he lives at Aubri’s college but has shady excuses not to meet. With little to go on, Nev and Slick hit the campus in search of answers.

Janisa is a freshman in college who’s worried her friend Aubri is getting catfished. After two months, Aubri and Brian haven’t met up despite living on the same campus (or so he says). The two haven’t talked on the phone or via video chat either, so Janisa is worried her friend is going to get hurt.

Aubri told Janisa that a guy started chatting her on Snapchat and while he’s never sent Aubri pictures, he does post photos on his story. Slick guesses that another girl might be jealous of Aubri and just wants to mess with her. Theory #1 is in the books.

The two co-hosts hop a plane to Texas to meet Aubri and Janisa in person. Aubri tells them that she was cool with her friend reaching out to them and that she also thinks something’s not right. She then tells them that Brian first commented on one of her stories and that he added her by username. After she confided in Brian about her cheating ex, the two connected deeper through chats. Brian claims that he has no phone minutes and no wifi and that’s why he can’t talk to her, despite the fact that he’s clearly using his phone to Snapchat. When Brian finally invited her to meet up at the Rec Center, he was obviously a no-show.

“I’m very anxious, I just want to know…I have questions,” Aubri told Nev and Slick. And so it begins.

The three start researching “Brians” on campus who play basketball since that’s what Brian claimed to be doing at the Rec Center that day. Though they find a Brian who coaches for the basketball team on campus, Nev also finds a Twitter account that matches a photo that Aubri took from Snapchat, and the user has over 21k followers.

After they leave Aubri’s house, Nev says that he thinks Janisa might know more than she’s letting on…especially since she’s in a basketball management program at school.

Nev and Slick pick up Frances, an RA, from one of the halls on campus, and she connects them with a friend Steve who works at the Rec Center. Steve says he’s there five days a week, but hasn’t heard of that particular Brian. Frances then gets a text that says, “If they ask, Courtney doesn’t know anything about Brian.” Something is up!

Nev calls Aubri to ask if she knows a Courtney, and lo and behold, Courtney is her roommate. Nev and Slick head back to Aubri’s house to fill her in on what Steve said and the text Frances received. They pull the footage they took of Frances’s text in order to track down the number that texted her. It’s not someone Aubri knows. So Nev jumps on the phone to give the random number a call.

The man who picks up the phone is Patrick, Aubri’s RA. He claims that he texted Frances just to remind her to not get involved in the residents’ affairs, but Nev doesn’t quite believe him. It all feels super fishy. Catfishy. (Sorry.)

Nev thinks that the person responsible could even live in Aubri’s house. He sends Brian a Snapchat and Brian responds saying that he knows Nev is looking for him, but he’s scared. Brian admits that it’s not his real name, but he’s not ready to spill yet. They make plans to meet up the next day.

“If I had hair, I’d pull that shit out,” says Slick.

The next day, Nev, Slick, and Aubri leave to head to the meet-up spot, but Courtney stops them to admit that she’s Brian.

“I’m sorry the way everything happened, I just have a lot of feelings for you,” she says. Courtney then admits that Janisa created the Brian Snapchat and came up with the entire plan. Courtney claims that she was just trying to get to know Aubri, but she was scared and nervous. Janisa came up with the Catfish idea, but Courtney says she didn’t really think Janisa would go through with it.

“I feel betrayed, I live with her, she’s my roommate. You’d be the last person I’d think was Catfishing me,” Aubri tells her.

Janisa steps outside to apologize. The goal, she says, was to get Courtney to come out to Aubri, and according to Janisa, she just wanted to help them both out. Slick tells the two that they never considered Aubri’s feelings at all.

“It feels kind of messed up and gross,” adds Nev about Janisa’s puppeteering of the whole thing. Aubri calls it “grimy,” before taking off to have some alone time.

Nev and Slick sit down with Aubri, Courtney, and Janisa later to help figure out a resolution since the girls all live together. Janisa says that she was hurting from all of the lies and thought the Catfish crew could be good mediators for their situation.

For the time being, the trust between Aubri and Janisa is broken; Aubri feels like she can’t be friends with either of them.

Two months later, Aubri tells Nev that she reconnected with Janisa and Courtney. The three are all on board to continue working on their friendship going forward.

When Nev calls Courtney, she says there are no awkward vibes between the roommates anymore. “What I’ve done, it was dumb,” she says. Courtney says she still wants to try out a relationship with another female, but that person won’t be Aubri.

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