What Team Did Colton Underwood Play for in the NFL?

Colton Underwood NFL


Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, January 7. Most fans of the Bachelor franchise are very familiar with Underwood and know that he used to play football on an NFL level. However, many people don’t know which teams he played for or how his football career played out.

Here’s what you need to know:

He Was Named After the Indianapolis Colts

Underwood had football running through his blood the moment he was born; his parents named him Colton after the Indianapolis Colts. It only made sense that Underwood would pursue a career in football, given his parents’ passion for the sport.

He Played Football in College & Was Drafted in 2014

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His football career started when he was in college. He played while studying at Illinois State University and then went on to play in the NFL. Back in 2014, he got his first big break, inking a deal as an undrafted free agent with the San Diego Chargers. He was waived three months later, however, never having played in an NFL game with the team.

In September 2014, Underwood was signed to the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice squad. While it may have been a promising deal, he was let go after six days.

He Retired From the Game in 2016

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Over the next year or so, Underwood bounced around quite a bit. He went back to the Chargers, joining the team’s practice squad. The following year, he was placed on injured reserve. In December 2015, he joined the Raiders’ practice squad and was released the following August.

Underwood never played in a regular season NFL game throughout his short-lived career. He has played in pre-season games. Underwood never inked a deal with an NFL team beyond playing for a given practice squad.