EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sofie Dossi of ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent returns with a “champions” edition of the show and one of the returning acts is Sofie Dossi. Dossi is a self-taught contortionist who has been one of the big contenders on the show, in the past. We got a chance to chat with Dossi on her experience on the show when she appeared in 2016. Check out all the details on Dossi below in our exclusive interview from her first run on the show.

As a self-taught performer, tell me about how you discovered you had this talent.
I’ve always been naturally flexible but never thought it was anything unique until I watched some videos on YouTube. I saw girls bending in cool ways and thought to myself, “I think I can do that.” And I did! Same with the hand balancing. I was intrigued by the interesting looking poles with blocks on top. I asked my dad to make me a basic set. I loved it!

What’s next for you when AGT is over this season?
Incredible opportunities, I hope! Right now I have scheduled performances but I’m waiting till the show is over to focus on the next big step.

When you aren’t practicing for AGT, what can you be found doing?
I love to hang out with my friends at the beach. In fact, in the summers, I train as a junior lifeguard.

What goes into creating each of your routines?
The first thing I need is silence. I close my eyes and let my imagination go. If I know the song I’m performing to then I get inspired by that piece of music. It’s like a dance. I let the music play and create best while I’m moving. Then it’s just good hard work perfecting the moves and smoothing it all out.

Has AGT opened any doors for you in the industry thus far?
I’ve gotten lots of calls and requests to perform at different places. But hopefully the bigger doors will open up as soon as the show is over.

Which of the judges are you most drawn to and why?
I love Heidi and Mel because I’m all about girl power!! But, Simon is the one who’s opinion means a lot. He actually chatted with me a few times on stage and the red carpet about how amazing my performance was and how he loved my song choices and costumes and all. That meant a lot to me.

What are your dreams beyond this competition?
I’d love to have my own superhero show! Of course, I’d do all my own stunts! And I still like to perform live. I get a big rush from performing in front of big audiences.

Which of the other competitors on the show have you bonded with over the course of the season?
Calysta and Kadie have become really good friends. I know we’ll be buds for life. Brian has been a great friend too. We laugh a lot and have so much fun together.

Tell us about your musical brother Zak.
I owe all the awesome music you’ve heard to my brother. He’s 16 and just started college majoring in math and music. His passion is music and he’s got all that professional software to create and edit. Because of him I get to customize the songs to my acts to make a more powerful performance. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Family seems to be of great importance to you. Tell me how you incorporate them in your everyday routine.
I’m home-schooled and both my parents work from home so we spend a lot of time together! My dad is always around if I get a crazy idea to make something. Thankfully, the hardware store is very close! And my mom is the one who home-schools me and also the one I collaborate with on the girly stuff like costumes and makeup and other girly details. What’s cool is that if we get an idea, we get to pause during the day and talk about it. So I have the freedom to be inspired and act on that inspiration when it happens.

How can your fans vote for you on the finale?
Yes! Please vote! Download the free AGT app, go online, or call. You can cast 10 votes each method that you vote! Click here to find out how to vote.