Is Kendall Jenner on ‘The Masked Singer’?

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NBC’s The Masked Singer continues tonight as the panel of judges attempt to guess the identity of the costumed performers. Among the dozens of celebrities who have been theorized to be under the masks, one name that keeps popping up is reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner. But is Jenner really one of the performers?

It appears the jury is still out on whether she is.  People have theorized that Jenner is the Alien since the second episode aired on NBC. Much of the speculation had to do with the fact that Jenner’s background seemed to fit with the clues that the Alien gave.

Fans Have Theorized That Kendall Jenner Could Be the Celebrity Under the Alien Mask

“I’m excited to be here, because in my family, anonymity is a completely alien concept,” they said. “Growing up in the public’s eye, my life was never really my own. I let others define me, but no one will ever control me again.” The Alien also revealed that they had “many sisters”, which makes sense given Jenner’s famous family.

A number of fans have also pointed out that the Alien has a model body, which would support Jenner being behind the mask. Outlets like Daily Mail have also speculated that Jenner could be using The Masked Singer as a platform to try out a career as a singer. Jenner is best known for her modeling, and the few instances in which she has sang has been met with negative reaction. She sang on the Lil Dicky and Chris Brown single “Freaky Friday”, and also was featured in an Instagram video where she and Bella Hadid sang karaoke for former’s 23rd birthday.

Others Have Speculated That the Alien Is Singer LaToya Jackson

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That said, there are many who feel that the Alien is actually LaToya Jackson. Like Jenner, she has two sisters, Rebbe and Janet Jackson, and the clue “no one will ever control me again” could function as a reference to Janet’s famous 1986 album Control. LaToya has also released albums of her own, which may serve as a better fit to the clue that showed a gold record.

The Alien also referenced a snake in her clue video, which may tie to LaToya’s 1989 Playboy shoot, in which she appears with a snake wrapped around her body. Tune in tonight at 8/7 c to watch the Alien perform.

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