Who Are the Contestants on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 33?

Cara Maria

MTV Cara Maria Sorbello is one of the 34 cast members looking to win "The Challenge: War of the Worlds."

The Final Reckoning trilogy came to a close last season when Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield ran away with the win before Mitchell ran away with the million, stealing Barfield’s half and joining Bananas as one of the shadiest cast members in Challenge history. Now, new challengers from all over the world join Cara Maria, Bananas, Mitchell, Barfield, and more to try to knock the veterans out and secure themselves a large chunk of reality TV cash money.

Here’s the full cast listing for The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

The Returning Challenge Champs

Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? 3)
Ashley Mitchell (Real World: Ex-plosion)
Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2)
CT Tamburello (Real World Paris)
Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17 and 18)
Hunter Barfield (Are You The One? 3)
Jenna Compono (Real World: Ex-plosion)
Johnny Bananas (Real World Key West)
Kam Williams (Are You the One? 5)
Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)
Leroy Garret (Real World Las Vegas 2)
Nany Gonzalez (Real World Las Vegas 2)
Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18)
Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18)
Weston Bergmann (Real World Austin)
Zach Nichols (Real World San Diego 2)

The Prospects

Ashley Cain (Ex on the Beach UK)
Chase Mcnary (The Bachelorette 12 and Ex on the Beach 1)
Georgia Harrison (The Only Way Is Essex and Love Island UK
Gus Smyrnios (Floribama Shore)
João Paulo Andrade (Ex on the Beach Brazil)
Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)
Liz Nolan (Big Brother 17)
Julia Nolan (Big Brother 17)
Mattie Lynn Breaux (Party Down South)
Morgan Willet (Big Brother: Over the Top and Ex on the Beach 2)
Natalie Duran (American Ninja Warrior and Team Ninja Warrior)
Stephen Bear (Ex on the Beach UK)
Theo Campbell (Love Island UK)
Zahida Allen (Ex on the Beach UK and Geordie Shore)

What can viewers expect? DRAMA. But aside from the standard “Vets vs Rookies” beef that’s sure to run rampant in the house, tons of relationship tension is sure to spark flames. While the on-again-off-again Zach and Jenna were last reported as together, the new season’s trailer showed their relationship on the rocks. (“I don’t want to break up with you.” “Jenna, we’re done.” Ruh-roh, Shaggy.)

Ashley and Hunter are sure to go at it again. Hunter is still adamant on the fact that Ashley is the worst, and well, if someone stole a $500k check from me, I’d probably be feeling some kind of way, too. (Cut to Ashley’s scene in the trailer where she’s screaming, “I’m rich, bitch!” Classic, Ashley.)

And then there’s Paulie and Cara. While filming Final Reckoning, Paulie was dating Danielle Maltby from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. While on location, he cheated on her with fellow cast member Cara Maria Sorbello, which ultimately ended things with between him and Danielle. There’s also bound to be loads of drama between Paulie and Cara’s last hook-up, Kyle, who Paulie calls out into an elimination in the show’s trailer. (As for Paulie and Cara’s post-War of the Worlds break-up saga, you’ll have to stick to Twitter for all those messy deets.)

The Challenge: War of The Worlds 💪 RED BAND Trailer | New Season + Feb. 6th @ 9/8c | MTVYour exclusive look at a new era of The Challenge. The new season premieres on a new night, Wednesday, February 6th at 9/8c. #TheChallenge33 #TheChallenge #MTV Subscribe to MTV: goo.gl/NThuhC The Challenge is back, and this time it's all-out war. On The Challenge: War of the Worlds, America's best will be taking on competitors from…2019-01-30T23:28:39Z

The Challenge airs tonight on MTV at 9 p.m.

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