‘The Umbrella Academy’: How Did Ben Die & What Happened to Him?


Netflix’s new superhero series, The Umbrella Academy, is really, really good. So good that many people are binging the series and finishing it super fast. Many viewers are wondering just what happened to Ben, the mysterious teammate and sibling who died and now only Klaus can see. This post has some spoilers for the entire season.

The Umbrella Academy never actually addresses in Season 1 just what happened to Ben or why he died. We can tell from how he looks to Klaus (and by his statue) that he must not have died that long ago. He wasn’t a kid when he died. In fact, he doesn’t look that much younger than the rest of the siblings.

The show reveals next to nothing about Ben’s death, so if you’re reading ahead hoping for spoilers, we’re sorry to disappoint. In fact, all we see is a statue of Ben at the home where they grew up. And of course, we see Ben himself as he talks to Klaus, but they never talk about how he died.

In the comics, only a little more is revealed about Ben’s death  — but still not much. We learn that Ben was killed on a crime-fighting mission. Allison says something about blaming Luther for Ben’s death, but nothing more than that.

Fans have theories about Ben’s death. Some say that many of the other ghosts who appear to Klaus are still showing the injuries they sustained that killed them. Meanwhile, their adopted father Reginald Hargreeves also appeared uninjured when he and Klaus spoke in a vision after his death.

One of the main theories is that Ben died by poisoning, which would explain why Ben does not have any outward signs of injury in the afterlife of Klaus’s visions.

Or perhaps materializing into an octopus-like creature is not easy on his body, and it ultimately killed him.

Some think that Ben didn’t truly die. Perhaps he was absorbed by Klaus’s power somehow, or he is currently existing in limbo and that’s why Klaus can still conjure him even when Klaus is high.

Poor Ben did not have an easy life. He died young and he never loved his powers. Remember that robbery scene with the kids? Ben was not happy about his role in having to turn into a monster and kill all the robbers in the bank. “I didn’t sign up for this,” he lamented before he played his role.

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