Kristen Doute and Boyfriend Brian Carter Break Up Details

Kristen Doute Boyfriend Carter

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For the last couple of seasons, Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Brian Carter, have seemed like one of the more stable couples on Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately for fans, their relationship was shown to be unraveling on season 7 of the show. Doute vented to her girlfriends about being unhappy and her BFF, Stassi Schroeder, told her that Carter was no longer good for her. Some of the other girls started saying that Doute pays for everything for Carter, claiming that he’s a bit of a leech. From what the girls said, Doute was financially supporting her boyfriend and he wasn’t treating her well.

So, what is the deal with their relationship today? Well, it sounds like they’ve split but that they may be working on their relationship.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, after being asked the status of her relationship with Carter, Doute confessed, “OK, you know what? Honestly, I bleed out for this show. I show every single second of everything, and so for this, I’m just gonna have to say we’re figuring it out, especially if you want to talk about what’s happening today, like the show airing and what’s been going on in our relationship for the past year or more, we’re figuring it all out. So we’ll let y’all know when we get to that place.” Host Andy Cohen’s response was that it “didn’t sound promising”.

Following the show, Doute took to Instagram to thank fans for their support and open up a little more about the state of her relationship. According to Bravo, Doute shared, “Hey, babes. I just really wanted to say thank you guys for being so kind tonight. It was a really stressful Watch What Happens Live for me beforehand because it was a difficult episode. But you guys were really kind and sweet, so thank you for that. It’s a little bit of a difficult time, but you know what? Life is f–king good, and kindness matters, and you guys rule, and I just wanted to say thank you.”

Kristen Doute Boyfriend

GettyBrian Carter and Kristen Doute attend Comedy Central’s Emmys Party at The Highlight Room at the Dream Hotel on September 16, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

According to Celebrity Insider, in January 2019, a Vanderpump Rules producer let the break up news about Doute and Carter slip on the Bachelor Party podcast. Co-executive producer Jeremiah Smith said that the next big break up on VPR would probably end up being between Doute and Carter. Smith revealed, “I feel like if things go sideways with Kristen and Carter, that maybe it will actually end up being Kristen and the girls because the more miserable Kristen is, the more miserable she makes her friends, and they lose patience and then that leads to a fight. It’s happened 100 times before … They always get back together, and they’ll always be friends.”

Carter and Doute met on the dating app Bumble, but Carter had actually been friends with some of Doute’s pals for years. Carter told Bravo that he had been friends with Vanderpump Rules co-star Katie Maloney-Schwartz for years, before she even met her husband, Tom Schwartz.

At the beginning of their relationship, both Carter and Doute admitted to having issues. Carter admitted to Bravo, “It was a trainwreck at first. Put it this way, we were both very stubborn and controlling.” Doute further explained, “It’s finding the balance of my vision but me letting go of the control and trusting that this is what he does. I don’t take photos, that’s why I’m having him do it. So I need to let go, or I’m trying to let go of the control and trusting what he’s doing. As we’ve shot more, we have a different system now.”

Doute stated on Vanderpump Rules that when she wanted to go to counseling with Carter to work on their relationship, he didn’t want to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the couple has a bright future together.