‘Survivor’ 37 Winner: Who Won Last Season?

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Tonight, CBS premieres Survivor: Edge of Extinction, which doubles as season 38 of the beloved TV competition Survivor. Of course, with this new season comes a renewed interest in the past, particularly the winner of last season. Who was the winner of Survivor season 37, otherwise known as Survivor: David & Goliath? Learn more below.

The champion of last season was Nick Wilson, a public defender hailing from Kentucky. Wilson, 28, was the sole surviving member of the David tribe, and earned the Sole Survivor title in the season 37 finale, after a thrilling fire-making challenge that saw him take out Davie Rickenbacker, Alison Raybould and Kara Kay.

Public Defender Nick Wilson Was Crowned the Winner of ‘Survivor’ Season 37

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After taking out these remaining opponents, Wilson exited the season’s final Tribal Council with enough votes in his favor to win, placing him ahead of Mike White and Angelina Keeley of the Goliath tribe. This was a particularly surprising turn of events, given that Wilson had almost been voted off early on in the season, and was seemingly only spared when fellow competitor Pat Cusack was forced to be medically evacuated from the game.

Survivor host and executive producer Jeff Probst felt that Wilson had the killer instinct needed to win from day one. “Here’s a quote I’m sure I’ll regret, and I say this with total admiration and in the best way, if that’s possible: he reminded me a bit of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho,” Probst told the Hollywood Reporter. “Because when it comes to Survivor, Nick’s a killer. He is relentless, and he is a shape-shifter… He molds himself to the person he is talking to, and that’s a really great quality in this game.”

Wilson Was Complimented By Many for His Killer Instinct & Survival Attitude On the Series

Wilson’s closing remarks reflecting this survival attitude. “If you’re in this game and you have any fight in you — if you have a breath left in your body — this game is worth playing,” he said. “I was a David the entire game, and I had to find whatever slingshot I could, whether it be the social game or the strategic game or the immunity wins, an advantage, an idol, new relationships, old relationships … whatever it took. I had to find my slingshot, and I had to use as many stones as I could find.”

After winning the competition, Wilson told CBS that it helped him gain a newfound appreciation for his life. “On a personal level I just take away how blessed we are and to remain thankful and graceful for everything,” he revealed. “I realized how much I take for granted when I was out there starving and miserable and getting rained on [laughs]. But I still tried to enjoy every second of it because it was a once in a lifetime thing, I think it provided a lot of clarity.” Wilson added that he would take a few weeks off, but that he would resume his work as a public defender.