Dare-U-Go on Shark Tank: A Look Inside the Kids’ Bib & Food Container

Shark Tank Dare U Go


Tonight, fans of Shark Tank will be introduced to a new product for children called Dare-U-Go. The bib, plate, and food container is right for any hungry child, regardless of where or when their hunger strikes.

The product’s website reads, “Designed with travel in mind, Dare-U-Go! folds into a food storage unit that seals airtight. It not only catches food, the bib keeps clothes clean, it is easy to wipe down and with built in dividers, food doesn’t touch! A spork is also included.”

Dare-U-Go is microwave and dishwasher safe, and comes in just one piece. And the air-tight seal is non-stick, non-latex, and dishwasher friendly. On top of that, it’s microwave safe.

On her website, Emily Doherty, the Co-founder of Dare-U-Go, explains that she and CEO Lisa D’Amato launched the product in February 2018. It was the same weekend that Emily moved to LA that she got the call that they were invited to pitch the item to the sharks.

Dare-U-Go! promo video 2018This video is about My Movie2018-01-24T22:18:54Z

In her interview with the Owen Sound Sun Times, Emily says, “We started designing our set, we started building it, we started figuring out what our pitch was going to be, how much we wanted to ask for, who we wanted to go in,” she said. “A lot of people go on the show just for publicity. In our case, we actually really wanted the funding and the guidance from a shark just to take us to the next level.”

How did the idea come about, to begin with? Doherty explained to the outlet that she and D’Amato were at a mall when D’Amato purchased a bib, which had a pouch to catch food, for her son. “She put French fries on one side and ketchup on the other and her little son Daxel walked around the mall dipping his fries,” she recalled. “And I said, Lisa, this is genius.”

The pair went on to found Dare-U-Go, and secure the product’s patent.

Their 2017 Kickstarter campaign was a success, with 161 backers pledging over $37,000.

A Dare-U-Go bib comes in yellow, grey, turquoise, or purple, and sells for $24.99. On their “mission” page on their website, the company writes, “Dare-U-Go! is a brand created by a real mom, not a corporation or big business. Nobody understands the daily grind and struggle with little ones other than a real mom/parent/care-taker on-the-go.”

How will the sharks receive Dare-U-Go? Find out tonight on Shark Tank at 10pm ET/PT on ABC.

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