Did Katie Lie About Caelynn & Cassie on ‘The Bachelor’?

Caelynn The Bachelor

ABC/Craig Sjodin Pictured: Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor will include an intense confrontation between contestants Katie Morton, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Cassie Randolph. Titled “Women Tell All”, the episode will see Katie claim that the latter duo had a “troubling conversation” about who would win Colton Underwood’s heart.

For those who don’t want to find out what happens between Katie and Caelynn, be warned. The rest of the post include spoilers and crucial details about their confrontation as well as the episode as a whole.

Katie Questions the Motives of Both Caelynn & Cassie on ‘The Bachelor’

According to Reality Steve, Katie overheard a conversation between Caelynn and Cassie on a bus ride in Singapore. She claims that they were talking about how they hoped one of them would get Underwood’s final rose, while the other would get to be selected for The Bachelorette. Katie admits that by the time the rumor got to Underwood, it had been blown out of proportion and exaggerated.

Reality Steve even speculates that the rumor had gotten to the point where some believed that Caelynn and Cassie were more interested in becoming The Bachelorette than winning the season. Katie also admits that she was the only one who overheard the conversation, and was biased towards Caelynn based on things she said she wanted to do post-Bachelor.

Katie Says That Overheard ‘A Troubling Conversation’ Between the 2 Remaining Contestants

Things really heat up during the episode when Katie says that she talked to Caelynn on the phone about what she heard, and the latter admitted that it was all true. However, Caelynn denies this, and says that she thought Katie was talking about another contestant, Tayshia Adams. Hannah Brown defends Katie, saying that she overheard the conversation and talked to her about it afterwards.

Caelynn refuses to budge on her perspective. By the end of the episode, the feud between Katie and Caelynn appears to be unresolved. Reality Steve believes that Katie is telling the truth, given how little she has to gain from concocting a story about Caelynn, and how contestants like Hannah supported her story.

Katie’s Story Has Been Backed Up by Fellow Contestant Hannah Brown

Despite her feelings toward Caelynn, Katie has spoken positively about her experience on The Bachelor. “Although unconventional, we faced fears, faced challenges, and most importantly, we were forced to face ourselves,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “Some of us learned to feel again, love again, and trust again. We learned that no matter what the circumstance, there will always be someone that has your back.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to have shared this journey with such a strong group of women. The show tonight is powerful,” she added. “It hits close to home for so many. For those of you out there who feel alone, remember what I said. There will always be someone who has your back. I know we do.”

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