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Game of Thrones, season 8 episode 3 was a combination of bittersweet beauty, death and quite a bit of disappointment, according to some fans. “The Long Night” was hyped up to be one of the most epic episodes of the series, complete with ice versus fire, good versus evil and light versus dark, and although the episode had all of the above, not all fans are happy with the outcome.

This article will explore some of tonight’s GoT episode, so this is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you aren’t caught up on the series or season, and if you don’t want anything ruined before you get to watch tonight’s episode.

With just three episodes remaining in the final season of the series, and the entire show leading up to this battle, the most powerful and threatening villain of the series was defeated … by Arya Stark, in one episode. And as badass as Arya is, not all fans were thrilled with the outcome, especially after waiting for over a decade to experience the final battle between the living and the dead. Many actually considered the final scene anticlimactic, and felt like the writers made a mistake by making Arya Azor Ahai.

“Anyone else slightly disappointed with how Arya was the one to kill the Night King or how she did it. Great battle sequence, great sacrifices, great cinematics. But that death scene, very anticlimactic!” one Twitter user pointed out. Another wrote: “8 years build up with the Azor Ahai Lightbringer & we get Arya killing the Night King.”

“8 years of build up with the Azor Ahai Lightbringer & we get Arya killing the Night King I am so FUCKING disappointed in S8 Ep3 they just dont fucking care for the Game of Thrones lore,” another user wrote. “Why did the NK want bran WHY!? What was his motive!? So FUCKING disappointed!”

Others pointed out how irrational and unrealistic it was that Arya would be able to make it the Night King at all.

Am I the only one who was disappointed in #GameofThrones today?” another user posted. “Please don’t get me wrong. It was epic what Arya did. However, how come none of the white walkers were able to notice her to come to the Night King? I mean why it had to be like a typical Hollywood storyline?””

Others were mad that they waited a decade for the finale of the series, and the final battle between the Night King and the Army of the Dead ended in one episode, albeit an extended episode.

#GameofThrones I’m kinda disappointed though because we had to wait 7 seasons for winter to come but when it did, it was over in 1 episode. How anticlimactic!
But, Yay Arya,” user Ricky G wrote.

Others were just disappointed in the fact that it was Arya who was given the role of defeating the Night King, when she had essentially very little to do with the Night King or his army up until this episode.

“I can’t be the only one disappointed they gave Arya that role,” one Twitter user said. Another wrote: “Am I the only one disappointed that Arya killed the night king?”

Especially since so many people expected to see this epic battle between Jon Snow and the Night King …

“Okay so while I absolutely love that Arya killed the Night King I’m just a tiny bit disappointed because…in the last seasons they fucking made us believe that we’re gonna see Jon and the NK have this epic fight but then it never happens.”

Some felt like many of the characters were underutilized and downplayed when they were incredibly important to the storyline.

Others still cheered Arya on, and were happy that she played such an important role in the war. However, they were still left feeling somewhat disappointed with the outcome, and were hoping for a more “complex” ending to one of the biggest foes of the series.

“So don’t rip me. Arya is a BB! And I cheered for her at the end,” one user wrote. “However, I am a little disappointed that the Night King ended just like that. I was really hoping a more complex, like there always has to be a Night King, Bran worgs the NK. Somthing. Im going to bed.”

During the “inside Game of Thrones” clip at the end of the episode, the showrunners did mention that they had planned for Arya to kill the Night King for three years before the episode aired.

“For, God I think it’s probably three years now, we’ve known that it was going to be Arya who delivers that fatal blow,” David Benioff tells the cameras. D.B. Weiss adds “she seemed to be the best candidate, provided we weren’t thinking about her in that moment.” Weiss goes on to explain that they tried to set the episode up so that viewers “forgot” that she had taken off running after her encounter with Melisandre, hoping that fans would be more focused on all of the other characters who were facing death right before Arya came in and killed the Night King.

Plenty of fans thought it was a poor excuse for making Arya the character that delivers that last blow to the Night King, claiming it was “stupid” for them to pick her based solely on the fact that she would be unexpected.

What did you think of “The Long Night?” Were you satisfied with the the way the Night King met his end, or did you expect a different outcome?

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