‘The Challenge’ 33 Winner & Front-Runner Predictions

MTV 'The Challenge' MTV: Turbo, Nany, Ninja Natalie, Paulie, Georgia and Hunter.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds is passed the halfway mark of the season, which means there are no more lay-up teams left. The former duos, and now, single person teams – they are all athletic beasts. Because MTV wisened up in Season 33 by adding a slew of extremely competitive rookie players to the long running series, instead of weak, former dating show contestants, even the most seasoned Challenge vet is nervous to fight in an elimination on War of the Worlds.

So, who will be the last man or woman standing in what’s easily the best season of The Challenge in recent history? Let’s discuss.

There is only one contestant who is not afraid to fight anyone, and for whom everyone is afraid to call out to The Killing Floor: Turbo. This man is questionably human, could very well be a member of some sort of the world’s secret army, an elite force for which normal citizens aren’t privy to their existence. But conjecture aside, Turbo is the fiercest competitor to join the series ever since Chris “CT” Tamburello in his prime, who once carried Johnny Bananas out of the game in a literal backpack.

CT’s Best Moments (Feat. The Bananas Backpack) | The Challenge: Invasion | MTVCT is the man keeping fans on the edge of their seat every time he competes. As he prepares to return to the series following a two-year absence, MTV looks back at his most unforgettable, and often controversial, moments. #TheChallenge #TheChallengeInvasion #MTV Subscribe to MTV: goo.gl/NThuhC The Challenge: Invasion brings together 18 Underdogs to battle…2017-02-07T22:00:00.000Z

Aside from Turbo’s obvious strength, the best part of his game is that he’s accomplished what few before him have been able to do: become friends with everyone… well, almost everyone. Hunter claims not to be afraid of the Turkish Power Ranger, but Hunter can be an idiot. Him picking a fight with Turbo, there’s only one way it will end.

Turbo is the Ned Stark of The Challenge. He fights with honor, keeps his ego in check, and only speaks truthfully to the other competitors, which offers the show’s best commentary. Two men fighting over one girl? “One of them must die,” he said. Bear is caught cheating on Georgia with his “cousin” back home? His solution was “cut off his d**k.”

For all these reasons and more, save for an impossibly difficult puzzle or an American pop-culture trivia question, Turbo is the favorite to win Season 33. And if he doesn’t win, he is still the new fan favorite.

Other front-runners to keep an eye on as Season 33 begins to close out are these formidable women: Cara Maria Sorbello, Da’Vonne Rogers, “Ninja” Natalie, Dee Nguyen, Mattie Breaux, Georgia Harrison, and Nany Gonzaléz. However, now that teams are done with, and it’s each lady for herself, it’s unlikely Nany will be able to hold court without Turbo by her side.

As for Georgia, she is way too emotionally invested with the sorry excuse for man that is Stephen Bear to focus on her game. Without Hunter pushing her on, it’s hard to see her being the top woman winner.

With official partners, Cara still has real-life boyfriend Paulie as a permanent aide. These two are in it to win it together regardless of teams, which gives Cara a huge leg up on the other ladies. If the public backlash from Paulie cheating on her with ex Danielle Maltby couldn’t break up this Challenge power couple, nothing will.

However, if there’s ever been season for which women contestants are genuinely shaking the men’s nerves, it’s because Mattie and Ninja are lady beasts. Ninja also formed a tight friendship on the show with Dee, and they will do whatever they can to make sure at least one of them makes it to the final.

As for the men, Wes, the self-proclaimed “Challenge mastermind,” in his most endearing run on the show yet, may not finish this season at the top of the game, but he will be near it. And one way or another, he will take out Bear before the Finals begin. As for Kyle and Paulie, both of them still pose a threat to Wes and Turbo.

Cara Maria’s former partner, Theo – he’s wildcard. Like Kyle in his rookie season, he’s extremely hot and cold when it comes to challenges, but unlike Kyle, he’s smartly played a quiet social game. The only drama he was involved in included Kam and Leroy, both of whom are now non-factors. This British competitor looks to rank the highest in the U.K. alliance.

Of course, all these projections can turn by whichever way host TJ Lavin spins The Challenge needle. He’s famous for throwing out last minute swerves and new rules, which could put anyone’s game mentioned above in peril.

There’s also the issue of remaining healthy throughout the competition. Last season’s finale was so painfully easy, it was a waste of a competition, and MTV knows it. So, it’s likely that the Season 33 will deliver an obstacle course that will have even the toughest contestants crying for mercy at the end, Turbo included.

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