‘Young and the Restless’ Star Says Doctor Scheduled Surgery Around Show

Growing up I split time in New Jersey, the Bronx, Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Harlem. On half days while going to school in Manhattan and in kindergarten, I’d go to my Aunt Beverly’s house on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and watch soap operas with her.

“Days of Our Lives,” All My Children and The Young & The Restless were just imprinted into my life as much as The NBA on NBC, The Price Is Right & Wheel Of Fortune or Jeopardy!

Soap opera theme songs are what were always cool to me! Can’t lie: “All My Children” had the dopest soap opera theme song EVER!

All My Children Opening v21½ (Family Album)All My Children Opening Debuted: February 2010 This is AMC's horrible attempt to HD the opening. For shame, they're following in the foot steps of GH. Wanna know who's who? Use my: "Openings Reference Chart" deviantart.com/deviation/58679595/2010-02-04T04:15:55.000Z

Listening to that theme song made my imagination run wild. It felt like strolling around Macy’s or Stern’s department store with my friends and having fun.

But I digress!

Although not a member of the cast of “All My Children,” I caught up with “Young & The Restless” soap opera star Kate Linder.

I don’t know many male guys that watch soap operas, but I’m learning as I get older many guys have that story of going to the hair dresser with their moms or their grandmothers. While appearing on Scoop B Radio, I asked Linder about the craziest place a viewer of “Young & The Restless” recognized her. “Actually, there was this doctor and he told me that he didn’t miss “Young & The Restless” and he would schedule his surgeries around the show,” Kate Linder told me on Scoop B Radio.

You think Linder is lying, don’t you?

“No, its true,” she said. That was a long time ago and now that people can, you know; they can stream them, they can tape them, they can watch them at different times. So he probably doesn’t have to reschedule his surgeries anymore. But I think he still watches them.”

Worth noting: Linder celebrated a momentous occasion for her alter ego, Esther Valentine, earlier this month.

Per inquisitr’s Rachel Dillin:

The actress took to Instagram earlier to mark the fact that 37 years ago today, Esther said her first ever line in Genoa City. What did Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanie Cooper) maid say? “Mrs. Chancellor your dinner is served.” Initially, that was supposed to be Linder’s only day working for the show and the single line she’d ever say. However, since that moment, Esther has been a staple on the No. 1 rated CBS Daytime Drama. During her tenure on the show, Linder also worked as a flight attendant for the United Airlines.

In her long tenure as Mrs. Chancellor’s maid and confidant, Esther has done some wild things. She also had a child named Katherine Tina Valentine, and eventually, that child became Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Initially, Chloe was embarrassed by her mother’s profession as a maid, but later she warmed up to the relationship.

Esther’s granddaughter Delia died shortly after Katherine passed away, and Adam Newman ended up being the person who ran over Chloe and Billy’s (Jason Thompson) daughter, which ultimately led to Chloe kidnapping Adam and blowing up the cabin where she had him stashed. Before that, Chloe had another daughter named Bella, whom Kevin (Greg Rikaart) fathered.

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