Game of Thrones Finale Twitter Memes – Best From GOT Season 8 Episode 6

Game of Thrones

HBO Game of Thrones

The series finale of “Game of Thrones” aired tonight on HBO at 9pm, and millions around the world were watching. As the final episode aired, viewers took to social media to make jokes and memes about the finale. Beware of spoilers below.

In 80 minutes, the episode managed to tie together as many loose ends of the series as possible and send off its characters and their arcs. There were deaths, there were unexpected shifts in power, and there were “Easter Egg” callbacks to earlier scenes in the series.

Here are some of the best memes from the finale episode of Game of Thrones:

Ahead of the episode, @julia_hagins1 tweeted a meme to sum up what all Game of Thrones fans were feeling: that we are not ready for the series to come to an end.

@KingKieft shared a gif that accurately depicts Tyrion’s face as he walked through the decimated King’s Landing.

As Daenerys addressed her army, @tmax694_l compared her to another fantasy franchise’s tyrannical ruler.

@Black_B3arr gave Drogon the words he couldn’t say after Jon killed his mother right in front of him.

When the 80-minute episode ended, @AmdKasem resurrected a meme for all the viewers unsatisfied with how the series ended.

In reference to Brienne of Tarth’s scene where she writes down Jaime Lannister’s history as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard in ink before swiftly closing the book, @katee_may1220 shared a meme that refers to the character as “Brienne of ‘didn’t let the ink dry’ Tarth.”

Although Brienne’s scene with the history book was one of closure for her character, many have joked that what she was writing about Jaime was actually insulting, which could feel justified after the way he treated her before returning back to his sister. @xo_kristenleigh compared the scene to a famous one from the comedy movie Mean Girls, as though Brienne of Tarth was writing an entry in her own personal “Burn Book.” @octannibalblake made their own entry into the Burn Book on Brienne’s behalf.

Latching onto Jon and Tormund’s somewhat unexpected reunion North of the Wall in the episode’s final minutes, @_Snape_ photoshopped Kristofer Hivju into a photo from Kit Harrington’s wedding to Rose Leslie (who played his character Jon’s wildling lover on the show) so that it appeared as though Jon and Tormund were married and living their happily ever after as the series ended.

@BeyDeiya picked up on the fact that Greyworm, in spite of his flaws in the last couple of episodes, intended to sail to the Island of Naath and honor Missandei’s wish for them to go back to her peaceful country, even though she died as a casualty of their war against Cersei Lannister.

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