‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Title & Description: What’s the Name of Episode 73?


Fans who want to know the titles of Game of Thrones has episodes have to wait longer than they do for any other show. For Season 8, HBO has not only been tight-lipped about sharing synopses and descriptions, but even episode titles seem to be off limits. Here is what we know so far about the title and description for Season 8 Episode 6 airing tonight. We’ll update this story when an official title for the finale is released. Considering that last week’s episode title wasn’t released until a few minutes after the episode was completed, it’s likely that this episode title won’t be released any earlier than that.

UPDATE: The episode was titled The Iron Throne. All the predictions were wrong. (And I’m surprised no one guessed that.)



Most title rumors stem from Reddit’s very spoiler-filled group called r/freefolk. This is a favorite subreddit for Game of Thrones spoilers and rumors, but tread there at your own risk. The subreddit provides zero spoiler warnings, and you might see spoilers just scrolling through the subreddit from headlines and photos. So far, only one title has been guessed, and it’s A Dream of Spring. I have a feeling this guess will be wrong, like most of the guesses have been this season.

At one point, Wikipedia was edited to list all the upcoming episode titles as Winter Is Here (1), The Rightful Queen (2), Winterfell (3), Exodus (4), Ice and Fire (5), and A Dream of Spring (6). A separate rumored list that showed up on Wikipedia claimed the titles would be Truth (1), Winter is Here (2), The Battle for Dawn (3), A Man with Honor (4), Ice and Fire (5), and A Dream of Spring (6.) These were all wrong. That’s why I’m not putting a lot of hope into the “A Dream of Spring” being right either.

Even a separate list of guesses on the r/freefolk subreddit here, which mostly had different episode title guesses than other “leaks” also guessed “A Dream of Spring.” The description reads: “Everything that begins must have an end.” This “leaked” list actually got the name of Episode 3 correct, but its other guesses were all wrong and all of the descriptions were inaccurate.

My guess is going to be that none of the “leaked” episode titles are correct, and the title is going to be something completely different, just like the last two weeks. No one guessed that the title two weeks ago would be “The Last of the Starks” or that last week’s title was going to be “The Bells.”

HBO should reveal the episode title right around the time the episode finishes airing. We’ll update this story later tonight when a title is confirmed.

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