Jaime’s Obsession with Cersei Explained [Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4]


Jaime had a strange moment near the end of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 that fans are still debating. Here’s a quick explanation of Jaime’s motivations, his obsession with Cersei, and why things happened like they did. This post will, of course, have spoilers for Season 8 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones.

Fans were ecstatic when Jaime and Brienne finally established a romantic relationship after all this time. We’ve seen a longing between the two of them for quite some time.


You could already tell in Episode 2 that they care for each other deeply. Jaime was looking for Brienne as soon as he arrived (after encountering Bran.) Near the end of the second episode, when Jaime offered to knight Brienne and she accepted through tears, a lot of viewers were crying with them. I couldn’t have asked for a better reunion between the two.


We have known that Jaime and Brienne had feelings for each other for quite some time. Back in 2016, when Jamie refused to take back the sword Oathkeeper and wanted Brienne to keep it, that spoke volumes. That scene back in 2016 for the episode No One, as Brienne was rowing away from Jaime, was so touching. Over the water, they both waved at each other. It truly looked like they were in love.

It seemed like Jaime had finally broken free of Cersei, so he could allow himself to be with Brienne. When Cersei was determined to break her deal with Dany and try to trap her, that was enough for Jaime to finally break free. Cersei was willing to risk everything, including the entire world to eternal darkness, just to try to be Queen and one-up Daenerys.

But now Jaime is going back to Cersei. Sansa told him about how Cersei attacked Dany, killing another dragon, and now she was starting a war and Daenerys would come after her with all she had.

Jaime was immediately worried. Later that night, Jaime is in his room while Brienne is sleeping and he can’t stop thinking. He’s wide awake. Brienne wakes up and Jaime’s gone. He’s getting ready to ride away on his horse. Brienne tells Jaime that he’s a good man and he can’t save her. “Stay with me, please,” she says, crying. It was a heartbreaking scene.

“You think I’m a good man,” Jaime says. “I pushed a boy out of a tower window…for Cersei. I strangled my cousin…just to get back to Cersei. I will have murdered every man, woman, and child in Riverrun for Cersei. She’s hateful and so am I.”

There are several possibilities for Jaime acting the way he did. First, he thinks Cersei is pregnant with his child. So maybe he just can’t shake that and has to try one more time.

Another possibility is that he only left Cersei to save his own life because of the Night King’s threat. Now that the threat is over, he believes being with Cersei gives him a better chance to live. Without such a huge existential threat, his love for Cersei wins out.

Another possibility is he plans to kill Cersei, believing he is the only one who can get close enough to her to do so. I hope this one is right.

In the behind the scenes episode on YouTube, the showrunners said that Jaime was essentially addicted to Cersei. I’m wondering if Jaime basically feels like he’s a terrible person and doesn’t deserve happiness, so he pushes Brienne away and is punishing himself. He listed his sins to Brienne, so I’m thinking that might be the case rather than feeling love for Cersei.

I’m worried that Jaime will run into Arya on the road back to King’s Landing, and Arya will kill him to take his face and get to Cersei himself. I mean, that would be an efficient way to stop the war, but a sad end to Jaime’s story.

I’m hoping Jaime plans to redeem himself a la Theon, and kill Cersei himself. But unlike Theon, maybe he can live and find joy in the end.

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