Pauly D Girlfriend 2019: Is He Dating Anyone Now?

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Pauly D doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. The Double Shot at Love star previously dated Aubrey O’Day, but they called it quits in 2017. Since then, Pauly D has been romantically linked to other women, but he maintains that he’s still looking to get into a serious relationship.

Shortly after Pauly D broke up with O’Day, the latter called their relationship “torturous.” Pauly D responded to her claims, telling Page Six that he was surprised to hear such negative feedback. “‘Torturous’? That’s an interesting word. If it was tortuous, why would you stay in a torturous relationship? And I’m the one that left her,” he said. “I think that’s a little bit fabricated but if that’s the way she feels, it’s a good thing we’re not together anymore.”

Pauly D Has Been Single Since Breaking Up With Aubrey O’Day In 2017

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Pauly D went on to say that he “dodged a bullet” by breaking up with O’Day. “[The Jersey Shore cast] is so happy that I’m not in that relationship anymore and so am I,” he revealed. “The way I feel is I dodged a bullet. I’m glad that I was out of that whole situation.”

In February, Pauly D appeared on the MTV dating series Game of Clones. He dated seven women that resembled actress Megan Fox, and seemingly hit it off with a brunette named Olivia. He even took a ballet class to impress her. “I’ve never done ballet a day in my life, but if that’s what Olivia likes, I’m going to try it, and I think my little girl will probably get a kick out of me doing ballet,” he said during the episode.

He Met a Woman Named Olivia on ‘Game of Clones’ But They Only Went on 1 Date

According to Olivia’s Instagram, however, the couple never made it to a second date. “Take his socks off on the first date,” she wrote on her profile. “This was a lot of fun… @djpaulyd and I didn’t date after the show but we’re still friends.”

Pauly D told OK! Magazine that his time on Jersey Shore has actually hindered his ability to find a serious romantic partner. “[Jersey Shore] hindered my personal life because everything is public now and it’s harder to find a girl now more than ever because you don’t know why they’re coming at you know. Is it because the fame, money, or whatever? So it’s harder to find a girl,” he explained.

He Says He’s Looking for a Romantic Partner Who Is ‘Loyal’ & ‘Genuine’

When asked what kind of woman he’d like to date, the reality star said he wants someone who is honest. “Just a genuine person. Loyalty I’m a big fan of,” he added. “I love family values and stuff like that. They have to be a good cook. That’s [hard] to find now a days.”

Pauly D is hoping that his current run on Double Shot at Love will lead to a genuine connection. “Jersey Shore was like, I was a single guy, I was a little bit younger. I wasn’t really looking for something substantial at that point in my life. I was just looking for a good time,” he told The Wrap. “Now I’m at a stage in my life where I’m looking to share all of the great things going on in my life. I’m looking for that one life partner.”