Bernie McGee Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bernie McGee Dead

Facebook/Bernie McGee Bernie McGee pictured on his Facebook page.

Bernie McGee, the husband of Paige McGee, has died at the age of 41, according to a Facebook post. McGee was one of the stars of “Seeking Sister Wife” and are based in Brandon, Mississippi.

A Facebook post from fellow co-stars, the Winder Family, confirmed the sad news on the night of June 15. The post read, “We are so saddened this evening to hear of the passing of Bernie McGee. We hope and pray that Paige and his family will be comforted in this time of sorrow. This life is fleeting. May we all live in our truth every day and strive to live as openly and with as much caring as Bernie did.”

1. Bernie McGee’s Cause of Death Is Reported to Be Either From Heat Stroke or a Heart Attack

Bernie McGee from Seeking Sister Wife rant2019-04-18T03:14:27.000Z

One report says that McGee had been working out on his bicycle when he contacted his wife, Paige, to say that he did not feel well. That report, which cites a Facebook post which has not been seen by, says that McGee asked his wife to come and get him, when she arrived she says that her husband was already being worked on by paramedics. Paige said in the post, “But I could already tell.” Paige McGee listed her husband’s death as being from either heat stroke or a heart attack.

2. One Tribute to McGee Referred to Him as ‘Always a Gentleman’

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While another friend, Kristany Barnette, posted a heartbreaking tribute to McGee that read, “I’m not even sure what to say.. I heard the news and I still can’t believe it. I didn’t know when we spoke in April it would be the last time I would ever hear from you again. You were always a gentleman and a sweetheart. You always spoke so highly of your family and were always so sweet to mine. You are way too young to just be gone… My heart hurts so much for you Paige McGee and your family. I have experienced great loss in my life and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.. I am so so sorry. Please keep their family in your prayers as they go through this. I’ll miss you Bernie McGee. ❤️.”

3. It Was the Burning Down of the McGee’s Home Which Inspired Them to Go Looking for a ‘Sister Wife’

According to the official profiles for the TLC show “Seeking Sister Wife,” Bernie and Paige had previously flirted with the idea of having another person join their marriage. The couple has two sons together. After they failed to meet anyone suitable, the couple gave up on the idea. That’s until their house burned down and the couple decided to look for a fresh start.

The last line of the teaser profile reads, “Their foray into online dating yields a promising candidate named Brandy, and they seem to be on a fast track to plural harmony, until Paige’s jealousy returns and threatens their hope of ever expanding the McGee tribe.” During the season two wrap up show, Brandy alleged that she had kissed McGee during one of their dates together. Just prior to Brandy’s appearance on the wrap-up, McGee had told his wife that nothing intimate had happened during their date.

4. McGee Had Once Told His Son That 3 Wives Would Be Ideal

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In one moment from season two of “Seeking Sister Wife,” McGee told his son, John, 14, that he was seeking a polyamorous relationship. His son asks, “How many wives would you want?” To which McGee replies, “I think three would be a real good number.” McGee then explains his plan regarding the sleeping arrangements, which would involve multiple bedrooms. It’s clear at that point that John is extremely uncomfortable with the conversation. That same promo for the show saw Paige say, “I’m second-guessing if this is really what I want to do.”

5. McGee & Paige Were Arrested in March 2019 & Accused of Stalking

Bernie McGee from Seeking Sister Wife rant2019-04-18T03:14:27.000Z

McGee and his wife were arrested in March 2019 and accused of stalking Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble, and his girlfriend reported TMZ at the time. Documents related to the case alleged that McGee had a physical confronation with Marble. The couple was both released on $250 bond shortly after being arrested.

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