‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 5 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Who Are the Children? [PHOTOS]


Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 was entertaining and fascinating this week. But what exactly is the deal with those kids who wanted to avoid Alicia? Read on to learn more about the ending and top theories.

This post will have major spoilers for the end of Fear the Walking Dead

At the end of the episode, we learned that the car Dwight thought belonged to his wife Sherry did not. He somehow got the car wrong (the registration didn’t match the license plate, John Dorie explained.) So it really wasn’t the first car where his wife hadn’t left a clue for Dwight.

So it seems like Dwight still has some hope of finding Sherry.

But then we moved on to a really weird moment in the episode. Alicia, Morgan, Dwight, John Dorie, and the whole crew decided it was time to cut down the zombie brigade (where they’re tied up by their own intestines) and find out what’s on the other side.

But just before they could, one of the kids called Alicia on the radio and told her to meet them, because they were ready to finally meet up. For this entire episode, they’ve been hiding from them and wanting nothing to do with them, but they finally changed their minds.

So the group shows up at the kids’ van, only to find one kid there, covered in blood and crying.

Meanwhile, we find the rest of his crew back at the zombie brigade, attaching more zombies. They talk about their diabolical plan to get information about Alicia’s crew through the kid pretending to be injured. They’re going to find out who they are once and for all.

So it turns out that the kids have been pretending all along. They are the ones who set up the zombie brigades. They are the ones who cut off zombie heads and hung them from signs. Except for the radiation signs (which was something completely different), they’re the ones who have taken over the region and are scaring people off.

It’s interesting because when they were with Alicia and the crew in Episode 1, they acted like they had no idea what was going on. They didn’t want June to operate on Luciana, because they acted scared about the “mysterious bad people” showing up. They were too scared to even tell Alicia or the rest of the group much about these mysterious people in the first place.

Now it appears that it was all an act they were doing to build up their own mythology and make themselves look even scarier to outsiders.

However, I think we have good evidence that they aren’t acting alone. Their costumes are similar but not identical to the people who took Al, as far as I could tell. Here are photos of the children at the end of tonight’s episode.



Now here are photos of the person in the costume that Al saw and the person who took her.





It seems that the children have “cheaper versions” of the costumes that the person had who took Al. And the walker Al was trying to get clues from had on a similar getup but was an adult.

It’s unclear at this time if the children are working with someone else who is stationed inside the region that they’ve “walled off” with zombies strung by their intestines. It seems that one of two explanations is likely. First, the children may be part of a larger group where everyone is responsible for their own “costume” but they all must have a similar theme. Or the children might be part of their own group where they’re trying to look like they are part of the “big bad” group, but are using that similarity to create their own “safe space” that no one will invade.

If these kids really are just doing all this by themselves, a lot of fans are already saying that Carol needs to do a crossover and show them some flowers…

This is a developing story.