‘The 100’ Season 6 Episode 7 Ending Explained

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If you’re confused about the plot twists on Season 6 Episode 7 of The 100, called Nevermind, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick explanation of that ending and some twists you might have missed. This post has major spoilers for Season 6 episode 7. 

When Josephine was tapping her arm while her dad was talking to Bellamy, it was because Clarke was sending a Morse code message to Bellamy. You see, Josephine mentioned earlier in the episode that there are certain memories that are buried deep in our brainstems – so deep that we can’t even remember the memories ourselves. But those memories are so painful that they create autonomic responses outside of our control that we don’t even realize we’re doing.

The idea is that once they gained access to that particular memory in Josephine’s mind-space, they could use the pain of a hidden memory Josephine couldn’t face to control her body to some degree without her realizing it. That’s why Monty hid in the room so Josephine wouldn’t see her when she kicked Clarke out of the memory.

Now, it’s not really clear why they were able to control Josephine’s finger without her realizing, or why the Christmas lights in particular did that. There’s no real explanation for that part, so you just have to take it on faith. But they tapped out a Morse code that just said ALIVE to show that Clarke was still alive in there somewhere. Bellamy was able to translate it because Pike taught him Morse code a long time ago. (It’s nice to see Pike having some kind of lasting usefulness instead of all the destruction he created in the past.)

So now that Bellamy knows Clarke’s alive, he also knows that means Josephine and her dad are lying and can’t be trusted. So now he’s going to pretend to still be in agreement while figuring out a way to save Clarke. Keep in mind that this is all going on while Madi is still planning her own revenge.

There’s also another twist you might have missed. ALIE is alive in Clarke’s mind, hidden from Josephine’s knowledge. She’s the reason Clarke lived. She told Clarke which memory to keep hidden from Josephine, but Clarke failed and gave up the memory.

But ALIE was tricking Clarke too, because ALIE wants to live just as much as Clarke wants to live. She sent a memory that showed Josephine that an EMP would kill the chip. But that’s not really how things worked with Raven. The EMP killed the chip that was in Raven’s mind, disconnecting her from that paradise world ALIE had created and allowing the chip to be removed. Raven had to drown herself and later be revived in order to remove ALIE’s code from her head. So the EMP isn’t going to kill Clarke, who’s kind of serving the ALIE role in this scenario. Instead, the EMP is going to kill the chip in Clarke’s head and possibly wipe Josephine.

ALIE tricked Clarke, knowing Clarke wouldn’t be able to keep the memory from Josephine indefinitely. She did this so they could, in turn, trick Josephine and kill the mind drive in Clarke’s head. That’s the prevailing theory among fans right now about the ending of Season 6 Episode 7.

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