WATCH: Donnie Yen Wins the Bottle Cap Challenge Blindfolded

Getty Donnie Yen

While many people believed that no one would be able to beat actor Jason Statham at the Bottle Cap Challenge, a viral competition in which participants try to unscrew the top of a bottle cap by performing a roundhouse kick, that was before action star Donnie Yen threw his name in the game.

On July 3, while wearing a red Toronto Raptors t-shirt in the gym, Yen posted the slow-motion video on his Instagram in which the 55-year-old Ip Man film series star not only used an environmentally friendly glass water bottle, he performed the roundhouse kick blindfolded.

The Bottle Cap Challenge was originally started by UFC Champion Farabi Davletchin, but caught fire after Featherweight Champion Max Holloway accepted the challenge, and passed it on to singer John Mayer, who gamely accepted. While Davletchin, Mayer, Holloway and Statham’s videos went viral, after watching Yen gracefully knock off the bottle cap without even being able to see, it was clear the viral competition was now over, and that a champion has been named.

Yen, originally from Hong Kong, is also film director, producer, and action choreographer. He’s starred in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Kung Fu Jungle, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jungle. Yen will also be starring as Commander Tung in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the movie, Mulan.

The response on Twitter to Yen’s Bottle Cap Challenge was not of surprise, but confirmation to his millions of fans that he’s one of the most underrated action stars in Hollywood. Comments ranged from calling him “The GOAT,” “savage,” “master,” “a flawless victory,” and how he’s still got it even as his 56th birthday approaches on Thursday. Many fans used this trending moment to make a shout out to Marvel Comics, as they believe it’s beyond time that Yen gets cast in one of their upcoming superhero films.

Aside from the prowess of twisting off a bottle cap blindfolded, another factor bringing in Yen’s accolades was the fact that he used a glass water bottle instead of plastic. Because the only thing better than a real-life superhero, is an action star that also cares about the environment.

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