Meital Dohan, Al Pacino’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Meital Dohan, Al Pacino’s girlfriend according to multiple sightings together, is an award-winning Israeli actress.

Dohan is 39, nearly half Pacino’s age. Pacino is 79. It’s unclear how Meital Dohan and Al Pacino met.

Dohan is most recognized in the United States for her role on Weeds playing Yael Hoffman, the head of a rabbinical school in 2006.

She is widely known in Israel, where she was nominated twice for Israel’s Ophir Award for the films Girafoot (2001) and Tahara, or God’s Sandbox (2002).

Dohan is also known for her activist work in Israel. In 2010, she was active in a group called Artists 4 Israel. The group brought a group of graffiti artists to paint bomb shelters in Sderot, Israel.

Pacino has three children and has never been married.

Here’s what you need to know:

Meital Dohan Has Been Seen Many Times With Al Pacino

News of Al Pacino dating Meital Dohan first broke in September 2018, when they were photographed furniture shopping together on a Sunday in West Hollywood, California at a Restoration Hardware store. Representatives for both actors did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

She was wearing a cheery yellow skirt, patterned top complemented by flowery heels and pink sunglasses. Pacino, in all black, made her colorful attire stand out even more.

The two had been seen out to dinner at “cozy” restaurants several times, and started going out to events together in September.

“They’ve been quietly seeing each other for a few months and they seem very happy,” a source told Page Six. “They initially kept things very private, but now they are not making a secret of their relationship.”

It’s unclear how Al Pacino and Meital Dohan met. She lives in Los Angeles.

Meital Dohan is Widely Recognized For Her Role In Weeds

Meital Dohan is most widely recognized in the United States for her role in Weeds in 2006.

Dohan played Yael Hoffman, the head of a rabbinical school. Dohan played in a controversial sex scene on the show. The character was pursued by Andy Botwin. The pair shared a controversial scene involving a strap on.

Dohan largely disappeared from the show after 2006, then returned for its 100th episode in 2012.

“The story between our characters was never completed,” Dohan told The Hollywood Reporter, referring to Justin Kirk who played Hoffman. “We left it that way because they knew they were looking to bring me back. They found a spot in their crazy outline.”

She shared a reference to her role on her Instagram page March 21. “’are you free tomorrow?’ … ‘no, I’m expensive.’ channeling my inner Yael Hoffman #weedsshowtime #tbt,” she wrote.

Meital Dohan Is an Award-Winning Actress In Israel

Meital Dohan has played in many films in Israel. For two of those, she was nominated for Israel’s Ophir Award, the Israeli equivalent of the Oscars. She was also nominated for an Israeli Tony Award.

The Ophir Awards were for her roles in two popular Israeli films, Girafoot (2001) and Tahara, or God’s Sandbox (2002).

Dohan also had film roles in If Only He’d Call (2006) Lirkod (The Belly Dancer) (2006), Failing Better Now (2010) Monogamy (2010), Foreclosure (2011) and Ponies.

Meital Dohan Released a Music Album & Popular Music Video

While Meital Dohan was taking a break from Weeds, she was busy producing a solo music album, I’m In Hate With Love. She debuted a music video for Yummy Boys in October, 2011, which gained popularity as a viral video. The music video had 1.2 million views July 27, 2019. It includes dancing Founding Fathers, office scenes and Dohan in a pink body suit, sparkling necklace and giant hair bow.

Her music has topped the No. 1 Dance Chart in Italy, reached No. 4 on UK Commercial Pop Club Chart, made No. 7 on Billboard Club Chart, hit No. 33 on Billboard Electronic Dance Chart, reached No. 3 on Kings of Spins, No. 5 on Chart Jeffrey/Disastronaut/Audio Sushi Chart Fix, No. 16 in the UK Upfront Club Chart, Cool Cuts Chart and TOP 20, & DMC Buzz Chart, according to her website.

She also wrote a book called, Love & Other Bad Habits.

Meital Dohan Was an Activist In Israel

Meital Dohan was an activist in Israel. She belonged to the group Artists 4 Israel, according to The Jerusalem Post. During her active time with the group, Artists 4 Israel brought a group of graffiti artists to Sderot, Israel to decorate bomb shelters.

The group is mostly non-Jewish. They are known for their Broadway plays. The group organized during the Gaza war. Group members told The Jerusalem Post their goal is to spread a positive message about Israel.

According to the Artists 4 Israel website, the group uses art as therapy for children with post-traumatic stress disorder and to promote awareness and educate. The group also completes art-based missions and community engagement projects.

“Artists 4 Israel prevents the spread of anti-Israel bigotry through art and helps communities and people affected by terrorism and hate,” the website said.

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