‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Spoilers – Episode 7/8

The Bachelorette Spoilers 2019


Hannah Brown is slowly getting to the end of her journey on The Bachelorette 2019. But, for now, she continues to try to find love, with episode 8 of season 15 airing tonight on ABC, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT. As the contestants keep getting narrowed down, the tensions continue to rise and feelings intensify. Each contender is hoping to be the 2019 winner … of Hannah B’s heart.

But, only one of the remaining men will end up engaged to Hannah Brown. Tonight’s episode is filled with drama, roses, and eliminations. And, before we get into all the juicy details on what to expect with tonight’s episode, THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING. If you do NOT want to know any information about what to expect from episode 8 of The Bachelorette tonight, STOP READING NOW.

When it comes to ABC’s official description of tonight’s episode, it states, “Bitter tensions that have been building throughout the season finally explode. Amsterdam’s spectacular tulips frame the most challenging decision Hannah will make so far. Which men will she choose to take her home and introduce to their families? She is also falling for multiple men, complicating the already difficult situation. The lucky recipient of the first one-on-one date shares a romantic boat trip with Hannah along the city’s famed canals. Will they be able to elevate their connection sufficiently to guarantee him a rose?” It continues, “One man’s anxiety level shoots up when he learns that he and Hannah will explore The Hague on horseback. Will he be able to open up enough to justify receiving a rose? Another bachelor decides to throw caution to the wind and puts his heart on the line in a late-night visit to the Bachelorette, leading Hannah to make an unexpected decision. The Mauritshuis Museum, displaying paintings of the Old Masters, is the site for the final one-on-one date, which results in a stunning outcome. Hannah takes her remaining men to the bustling cheese market in Gouda and the magnificent Town Hall for the high-stakes three-on-one date, which provides one of the most riveting and explosive scenes this season.”

Now let’s get into all of the details on what to expect from tonight’s episode.

Luke Parker Ends Up On a 3-On-1 Date

Peter & Hannah's Steamy Make Out Sesh – The BacheloretteThe Bachelorette 2019 Hannah Brown Season 15 (Episode 7)2019-06-26T08:00:47.000Z

Tonight, Reality Steve has reported that there is a 3-on-1 date that ends up as a 2-on-1 date. Peter Weber, Garrett Powell, and designated villain, Luke Parker, are on a date together and Weber gets the first rose for the group date. This leaves Parker and Powell on a 2-on-1 date. Previously, the two have butted heads, especially when Parker heard about Powell’s naked bungee jumping with Brown.

Reality Steve revealed that, “Luke & Garrett did not get along (and as you’ve seen in the previews, Luke became the guy in the house that rubbed a lot of them the wrong way), and this is the date where Luke yells at him about how he’s not gonna ruin this for him. Whatever went down, Hannah took Luke’s side. Luke gets the rose.” So, it sounds like Powell gets sent home.

Who Gets Eliminated on “The Bachelorette” Tonight

In addition to Powell, there are other eliminations tonight. According to Reality Steve, Connor Saeli does not get a date this episode and he gets sent home. But, he and Powell are not the only people to end up being eliminated. Mike Johnson DOES get a date tonight but it doesn’t go well because he reportedly does not get a rose from Brown and he gets sent home as well. Johnson supposedly goes bike riding for part of his date.

When it comes to the winners on their one-on-one dates tonight, Jed Wyatt gets a rose and so does Tyler Cameron.