Jackie Fabulous on ‘America’s Got Talent:’ 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jackie Fabulous

NBC AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Season:14 -- Pictured: Jackie Fabulous

Jackie Fabulous performs live during the America’s Got Talent season 14 quarterfinals on Tuesday, August 27. Her stand-up comedy endeared the judges, audience, and viewers at home during her audition and judge cut acts, but her live performance will be a true test of her talent and potential to continue on in the competition.

Before she performs live on the AGT stage, here’s what you need to know about Jackie Fabulous:

1. She Got Her Law Degree From Trinity Law School

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Jackie’s past as a lawyer plays into her comedy as part of her unique life experience, and a major part of her introduction to the America’s Got Talent judges and fanbase was the fact that she quit her job as a lawyer (much to her mother’s dismay) to pursue her career as a stand-up comedian full-time.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Jackie first got her Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and pre-law from The City College of New York in 1995. In 2004, she graduated with her J.D. from Trinity Law School.

2. In Addition to Working in Comedy, She Is a Motivational Speaker & Author

Although she markets herself as a full-time stand-up, comedy is not her only profession. According to her website bio, “When Jackie is not on tour, you will find her giving amazing keynote speeches and breakout sessions at corporate events and conferences. A lawyer in her past life, she understands the plight of the working woman. Her signature talks and upcoming book within her hilarious ‘Find Your Fabulous’ series will leave audiences feeling encouraged, uplifted, and inspired to conquer the ups and downs of life and work.”

As a public speaker, her mission statement is “To inspire and encourage women all over the world, showing them how to find the funny in their flaws.”

3. She Is Regularly Touring Her Comedy Show, With 2019 Dates Around the US

Jackie Fabulous revealed during her AGT audition that she is a touring comic, and has performed in venues around the world. Even though she is currently competing on America’s Got Talent, she has not stopped touring her set and has a number of shows scheduled for the near future. According to her website, her next tour dates are August 30 through September 2 at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club in Ventura, California.

In an interview with TrainwreckdSociety.com, she spoke about her experience touring, saying “Comedians tend to make fun of remote or far away locations where there’s not much going on seemingly. But I have found that the less there is to do in a town or city the better audiences are because they look you up online they see the advertisement for shows at a club in their hometown and they plan on it and they all come out in droves. El Paso, Texas, people make fun of it but they come out to a show every time. To be honest, if it’s a town where there are not a lotta black people I do really well. People kind of want to see something different they get tired of just going to see another white male comic.”

4. She Aspires to Be a Talkshow Host

Stand-up comedy is what Jackie is pursuing right now, but it seems as though she has a bigger end goal in sight: to host her own talk show. In June 2019, TrainwreckdSociety.com asked her “What does the future hold for you?” She first revealed that she auditioned for AGT, which she said was “the biggest thing I’ve done in my career so far and hopefully it will not be the last.”

She continued answering the question, adding “I want and expect to get my own talk show. There’s a need for a new generation of talk show hosts like me who are real and look like other women in the world who aren’t already mega rich. And that is definitely me LOL.”

5. If She Emerges Victorious on AGT, She Would Be The First Stand-Up Winner of the Show

As she heads into the quarterfinals, Jackie Fabulous will be dependent upon the viewers at home and her growing fanbase to stay in the competition. If she continues to advance through each round and ultimately is crowned the America’s Got Talent season 14 champion, she would be the first stand-up comedian to ever win the title.

GoldDerby.com points out that during last year’s season 13, Samuel J. Comroe and Vicky Barbolak attempted to win the show with their stand-up acts, as did Preacher Lawson during season 12. Nevertheless, the show’s list of 13 past winners does not include any stand-up comedians.