Number Neighbor: Best Replies and Reactions

number neighbor


A number neighbor is a person who has the same phone number as you except for the last digit, according to Twitter.

Thousands of people on social media are reaching out to their “text door neighbors,” trying spark a conversation and see if there is any chemistry, however, everyone has been getting mixed results.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some People Didn’t Click With Their Number Neighbor

Tyler Baron said he tried texting his number neighbor. Unfortunately, the conversation was cut short the 25-year-old Tyler found out his number neighbor was 16.

Courtney said that her number neighbor accidentally posted her phone number to an escort website. Courtney had to contact the woman, described in her advertisement as a “knock out face 36DDD BIG BOOTY PARTY GIRL,” and let her know of the mistake.

A man named Matt sent his number neighbor a nice message and introduction. He said the response he got was rude.

“The store gave us consecutive numbers when we bought the phones you idiot,” Matt’s wife responded.

Jenny said she got a text from her number neighbor. Unfortunately, it was only her brother.

Some people had it worse than others. Ezzy’s number neighbor said she called the cops on her for harassment.

Wayne’s number neighbor asked him to “please stop breathing.”

Tiny Tori said she’s waiting for her number neighbor to text her first.

Some People Really Hit it Off With Their Number Neighbor

“texted my number neighbor….safe to say i got a new best friend,” Fazian wrote.

Fazian’s number neighbor was hesitant to let him in, however, after some explaining, the two became friends.

Giselle Reyna shared the conversation with her phone neighbor. The two exchanged memes back and forth for a while and Giselle said she loves her number neighbor.

Tyler Rians made a friend in his number neighbor Noah. The two played games and made plans to talk again.

Flanesito said, “my number neighbor was pretty cool and gave me a potato casserole.”

Tiny Bull said her California-based number neighbor is more loyal than most.

Gloria is hoping she can get a job from her number neighbor.

Some People Seem to Be Meeting Their Twin

Mikey McDermott introduced himself to his number neighbor, Shawn, and the two became fast friends. Shawn said they were more than friends, they were “famm.” Both 19-year-old males with a birthday coming up, Mikey suggested that Area 51 cloned them.

“My number neighbor and I ending racism ????,” McDermott wrote.”

Chey had a similar experience. She messaged her number neighbor only to find out that they both have a limited number of friends, own two bunnies, are going for a doctorate in psychology, and have bipolar disorder.

Val said to forget number neighbors and start texting number twins. She’s been texting back and forth with herself.