Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend Corey Gamble and Scott Disick’s Fight on KUWTK

Corey Gamble and Scott Disick Fight


Kris Jenner and her longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble, according to Cosmopolitan, met in 2014 at fashion designer Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday party. The two have been dating ever since and are still today, according to People.

Gamble has become a member of the Jenner-Kardashian family and was filmed getting into a heated fight with Scott Disick on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But, why did the two fight?

Corey Gamble and Scott Disick’s Fight

Scott Disick Blows Up At Corey Gamble For Saying He'd Whip Penelope's A– | KUWTK | E!Don't even think about messing with Scott Disick's kids. See the explosive moment from a "KUWTK" family dinner when Kris' boyfriend Corey suggests spanking Penelope. #KUWTK #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #EEntertainment #ScottDisick #CoreyGamble #KourtneyKardashian #KimKardashian #KrisJenner SUBSCRIBE: About Keeping Up With the Kardashians: "Keeping Up with the Kardashians” takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the stories…2019-09-20T19:14:01.000Z

According to the official KUWTK season 17 episode 3 synopsis, “Kourtney and Scott seek parenting advice, but Corey’s input causes an argument.”

In a preview clip of the fight, Gamble and Disick are talking about his daughter when Gamble adds his opinion on how to discipline her. Entertainment Tonight reported that daughter Penelope scratched their nanny and that’s what sparked the argument.

During a dinner to celebrate family friend Jonathan Cheban’s birthday, Kardashian brought up the scratching incident, stating, “I don’t have a nanny anymore. She said P was really upset. She was putting her in the car and Penelope scratched her face. P can be out of control. I think she almost, like, blacks out and does these wild things.”

Gamble then asked, “If a kid scratches you, can you pop the kid and it’s cool?��� Kardashian’s response was, “No, but you could also say something to her in the moment”.

Others chimed in at the table when Gamble spoke his mind about disciplining Kardashian and Disick’s child. Sister Kim Kardashian revealed that her daughter, “North tried to bite my nanny and said, ‘I don’t want a nanny anymore. You can go home.’ I said, ‘You can’t fire a nanny.’” She also advised her sister to reach out to the nanny and apologize. Momager and family matriarch Jenner was much more concerned and said that even with raising six children, she didn’t have these kinds of issues and complaints from anyone watching her children. But, Kardashian begged to differ.

Kourtney Kardashian then spoke up and said, “I scratched you and I used to fucking slap my nannies, like, bam across the face!” She also went on to say that Penelope doesn’t care when she takes away physical possessions as punishment.

That’s when Gamble gave his opinion and said, “I’m sorry, but if P scratched me for no reason, I’m whipping her ass and I’ll explain to you all later … I would whip her ass if she scratched me.” This caused Penelope’s dad, Disick, to get involved and question Gamble, saying, “You would whip Penelope’s ass if she scratched you?” Gamble defended his statement with, “I would give her a spanking for sure.” And, Jenner backed up her man on the condition that “if she scratched” him, that’s what he would do.

Disick was floored and exclaimed, “My daughter. What are you talking about? You would you whip my daughter’s ass if she touched you?” He continued, “A little 6-year-old girl? What the fuck are you talking about? Stop it, stop it, Corey. You are not going to beat my little daughter’s …”

Kim Kardashian then tried to diffuse the situation, also backing Gamble, saying, “I don’t think he’s meaning, like, beat her.” But, Kourtney Kardashian was quick to defend her daughter and back up her ex, by insisting, “Yes, he does mean that. He does mean that.”

Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend Has Had Drama With Others in the Family

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Gamble hasn’t always had the best relationship with some of Jenner’s kids. In 2018, it was revealed on an episode of KUWTK that Gamble and Jenner’s daughter Khloe had some issues with each other. Khloe felt that the tension wasn’t coming from her end and when Gamble was confronted about the situation, he said, “I like all of y’all, but y’all are girls. I’m a dude and I know how that shit can go. I’m a young dude dating your mom. Y’all are not really my fucking kids. We are technically peers.”

In Spring 2019, both Khloe and Jenner’s son-in-law, Kanye West, had some concerns about Gamble, according to ET Online. After West texted the family, asking them why no one in the Jenner-Kardashian crew had met Gamble’s family, it sparked some drama. But, Khloe came to West’s defense and told the KUWTK cameras, “Kanye’s delivery wasn’t great, but the essence of what he said is true. Corey does tend to be pretty secretive and that does have me pretty guarded … We don’t know Corey like that.” She went on to say that Gamble hadn’t been receptive to her getting to know him.

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