Emily Simpson’s Husband & Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Emily Simpson


At the top of season 13, reality TV fans were introduced to Emily Simpson, who moved to Orange County from Ohio and is now the mother of three children.

What do we know about her personal life? What’s the latest on her children and family? Read on.

1. There Is Speculation That Her Most Recent Instagram Post Alludes to Marriage Issues

On a recent episode of RHOC, Emily admitted to having marital issues with Shane. “Shane and I, we’re in a difficult situation right now,” Emily shared. “I’m reluctant to share things about my marriage because I don’t want people to jump on a bandwagon of bashing my husband.”

Then, on Monday, Emily uploaded an Instagram picture of her son with a cryptic caption. She wrote, “At the end of the day, all that really matters if what my children think of me.” Multiple outlets believe that Emily is referencing her marriage in this post.

OK Magazine notes that she did not include Shane in her social media post, and Radar Online claims that the couple’s relationship is “in trouble.” A source reportedly told Radar that Emily feels “neglected” by Shane, and is “very emotional” about it.

2. Her Sister Sara Was Her Surrogate

Together, Emily and Shane have three children. (Shane also has two children from a previous marriage.) They have a five-year-old daughter named Annabelle, and three-year-old twin boys Luke and Keller. Emily’s step-children are Shelby and Chanel.

On the show, Emily has spoken out about her struggle with fertility issues. She shared that after suffering a miscarriage in 2011, her sister offered to be their surrogate.

Emily told Page Six, “I’m very happy to share it and I’m very open about what I went through in my personal life… If it gives people a reason to have a conversation or feel better about what they’re going through, then I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I’m sharing it.”

Asked by Bravo if she and Sara became closer after Sara was a surrogate, Emily explained, “Although my sister and I had always been best friends, going through the surrogacy process made our relationship even closer. Not only did she make the huge sacrifice to carry a child for me for nine months, but she never once complained or expressed regret for her decision. She treated the pregnancy as if she were carrying her own child. I know she ate very healthy and was very careful to rest and stay in good shape. We spoke daily as she kept me updated on the progress. I even flew out to Ohio for her 16-week sonogram, when we learned the sex of the baby—a surprise to us since we didn’t know which embryo survived. A girl!! My Annabelle. I’ll never get over the loss of the two babies I lost, but the closest person to me, my sister, gave me greatest gift you could ever give someone…the gift of life.”

3. She May Want More Children

In a 2018 interview with Bravo TV, Emily shared that she would still like to have another daughter. However, she added, Shane is not interested in having more children.

Despite this fact, Emily said this wasn’t necessarily a “point of contention” in their relationship. She said, “While it’s a discussion we often have, we don’t necessarily fight or argue about it.”

Emily went on to say about Shane, “I respect his position, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying to change his mind!” She said that since she grew up very close with her sister, she wants to give Annabelle that same experience.

4. She and Shane Have Been Together for 10 Years

Emily and Shane have been together for ten years.

However, when RHOC was filming its most recent season, Shane was away, studying for the bar exam. In the words of People, “He needed to focus so much for the test, he was staying at a hotel and hadn’t spoken with Emily in 10 days.”

At one point, Emily attempted to surprise Shane by taking him to a dancing lesson in Vegas, but Shane, who is a practicing Mormon, was not a fan of the idea.

5 She Grew up Without a Father in Her Life

Earlier this year, in a Father’s Day post to her husband, Simpson wrote, “If I’ve done anything right in this life, it’s making sure my children have the best dad possible @shanesimps… I grew up without a dad, but my babies will never know what that feels like. They will only know the unconditional love of a dad who reads to them, plays monster with them, brushes their hair, gives them baths, never misses a school open house or dance performance, holds their hand, packs their lunches, teaches them right from wrong and shows up every damn day to it all over again.”

Previously, according to Bravo TV, Emily opened up about how much her father’s absence has had an effect on her family. “My mother and father divorced when I was 6, and my sister was 3. My dad left my mom for another woman. My mother never recovered from it,” Emily wrote in a blog post published on October 29, 2018 on Bravotv.com. She continued, “As a child, my mother cried a lot, had irregular sleep patterns where she was up all night and slept all day. She spent hours on the phone with friends crying and discussing my dad. She had trouble handling everyday life. She talked a lot about my father and blamed him for all of her troubles. My mother has obviously suffered from severe depression and still does to this day.”

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