Norblad Hostel Hotel in Astoria, Oregon on ‘Ghost Adventures’

Ghost Adventures

Getty Zak Bagans from the television show 'Ghost Adventures'.

Tonight, the Norblad Hotel will be featured on Ghost Adventures, and viewers are itching to learn more about the haunted hotel.

Last year, the Norblad Hotel, located in Astoria, Oregon, was featured on Zak Bagans’ Ghost Adventures as he traveled around to haunted places in Oregon. While investigating, Zak and the crew they made their way to the basement of the hotel where an “unholy” presence lies called the “Demon Seer.”

The Norblad Hotel

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The basement of the Norblad Hotel is reportedly haunted. In their episode of Ghost Adventures, Bagans shares, “I had a friend of mine who said, ‘I want to see what you see. I want to hear what you hear.’ And I told them, hold on to my hand, and you’ll hear…”

“He said you were meant to come here,” the “Demon Seer” replied. “And that they are real and that they can, and will try to hurt you.”

In a clip from Ghost Adventures, the show’s narrator explains that while the Norblad had a “facelift” in recent years, it has a “history of crime and violence. ”

And when he meets Aaron and Christina, who say they have personally experienced demonic forces at the Norbald, things get serious. “Immediately, I started getting nauseous,” Aaron explains. “That was the first sign. So whenever I go to do the demonic removals, that’s the first sign. The smell… I immediately felt something negative and I felt it starting to attack my spine… The pain was unbelievable.”

The Norblad Reviews

Customers who visit The Norblad are clearly unfazed by its potentially haunted history, because it continues to pull in great ratings for a hotel. On Google reviews, one customer wrote, “Wonderful stay here. The staff was super helpful and patient when my credit card was having issues. The room was lovely and the little added touches were great! Loved having earplugs and blackout shades. Definitely well needed after spending the last 4 days in my car. The shared spaces were very clean and the shower got nice and hot. Would definitely recommend.”

Another added, “Hotel/Hostel is nice especially for the price. The shared bathrooms are clean and easy to use. Room is comfortable. If you want low price and convenience to center of town it’s a good place to stay. No night desk need to call sister hotel 2 blocks away.”

On TripAdvisor, the hotel has been rated a 4.5/5. It comes equipped with 15 hotel rooms and 16 apartments. And there’s no better location. Paul Caruana tells The Daily Astorian, “There is something magical about staying in downtown… All the things of a big city — restaurants, the Liberty Theater and shopping — are all three blocks from the Norblad.”

The Norblad Hotel opened in January 1923 by George F. Norblad. History has it that Norblad was a Portland businessman with local ties, according to The Astorian.

Be sure to tune in to watch a new episode of Ghost Adventures, airing tonight.

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