Does Tayshia Adams Pick Derek Peth or John Paul Jones?

Tayshia Adams

Instagram Tayshia Adams, former "Bachelor" contestant during Colton Underwood's season, is starring on "Bachelor in Paradise" this season. Read on for details.

Tayshia Adams finds herself in a love triangle on Bachelor In Paradise. The contestant is caught between Derek Peth, who has been romancing her during the first half of the season, and John Paul Jones, who accused Derek of using Tayshia to get ahead. With that said, who does Tayshia pick during tonight’s episode? Derek or JPJ?

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens to Tayshia Adams during season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise.

According to Reality Steve, Tayshia picks John Paul Jones. She sides with him during the infamous scuffle with Derek, and her decision causes the latter to get emotional and walk off the show. Tayshia decides to reward JPJ by giving him a rose, and she gushes about him during the fourth ceremony. “John Paul Jones, not only do you have amazing hair and look hot in a speedo, but I love your intelligence,” she said.

JPJ reciprocated Tayshia’s actions by giving her a rose during the fifth ceremony, and they remain together until the final rose ceremony of the season. “Tayshia is the only girl I’m interested in pursuing,” JPJ admitted. “She makes me feel like a nervous schoolboy — I feel completely incapacitated around her. I feel pretty foolish even going after her, ’cause what the hell am I doing?!”

Tayshia Picks John Paul Jones After the Latter Argues with Derek Peth

“Tayshia is the most incredible woman I’ve met in my life,” he continued. “I’ve been living in fear of somebody else going after her and sweeping her off her feet. You can find love in Paradise… If Tayshia were my wife, I’d be the happiest man in the world. Tayshia Paul Jones!”

During the overnight dates, contestants are forced to accept the date or split up. Reality Steve reports that Tayshia and JPJ opt to split up, and that Tayshia was the one who insisted. The couple are separated by the end of the season, but the gossip source claims that they have since reconciled. JPJ and Tayshia are reportedly back together. 

Tayshia & JPJ Split By the End of the Season But Have Allegedly Reconciled

Tayshia has been adamant about being herself on television, and sticking to her guns regardless of the drama she runs into. “To be honest, you can’t really make someone look worse than they are or better than they are. I was represented as I am every single day,” she told Vulture.

“My family and friends were very happy they saw the real me on the screen, as opposed to [me] pretending to be someone that I’m not,” she added. “I do think my funkier side could have been shown more. It wasn’t due to editing, but probably due to me being nervous around the cameras.”

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