Atlas Monroe on ‘Shark Tank’: Inside the Plant-Based Food

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Atlas Monroe is a vegan-based chicken business that was founded by Deborah Torres. Deborah and her brother Jonathan are going on Shark Tank to pitch their business, in the hopes that an investor will help them expand their reach. Read on to learn more about Deborah, her background, and how she plans on expanding Atlas Monroe moving forward.

Deborah came up with the idea for Atlas Monroe after her father got diabetes. She did some research into various diets, and determined that her father’s health would be improved by going vegan. After trying veganism out for 30 days, her father was cured. From there, Deborah set about creating a vegan alternative to unhealthy foods like fried chicken. Atlas Monroe was founded in San Francisco in 2017, and within a year, the business became a local hit. Atlas Monroe now sells online and distribute their “chicken” to several different restaurants nationwide.

Atlas Monroe Is a Vegan Chicken Business That Was Founded In 2017

Atlas Monroe chicken is made entirely from wheat protein, and though she hesitates to give up her mother’s secret recipe, Deborah told My Recipes that it’s a proprietary blend of spices. “[The recipe] took a lot of trial and error, but once we got the perfect texture and rich flavor our recipe has remained the same,” she added. “We’ve only been in business a little over a year, so I’m sure there will be revisions for different flavors in the near future.”

Deborah said that Atlas Monroe is top-notch when it comes to vegan cuisine, and that it is important to provide increasingly healthier options for consumers. “If you can eat big, juicy, extra-crispy pieces of succulent and flavorful fried chicken without harming any animals using a hundred percent organic and fresh ingredients, why wouldn’t you?” she reasoned. “If vegans are concerned with not killing animals then shouldn’t we be much more concerned with not killing ourselves through food? We are in the business of making our bodies a garden and not a graveyard.”

Co-Founders Deborah & Jonathan Torres Will Pitch Their Business on ‘Shark Tank’

Deborah and her brother Jonathan will be appearing on Shark Tank with the hopes that an investor will help ramp up their online sales and nationwide capabilities. Deborah told Veg News that she was overwhelmed by the Shark Tank experience, and that it was a dream come true.

“When I walked onto the Shark Tank set I was overcome with emotion,” she recalled. “I couldn’t believe how far we’d come. All of the sleepless nights spent washing dishes until 4 a.m., followed by food festival setups at 6 am really paid off.”