Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson Palette Details Revealed

jeffree star shane dawson palette

Getty The Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson palette has a lot of people excited.

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have collaborated on a palette, but when is it finally coming out? Soon! The pair released details in a new YouTube video as part of a nine-part documentary series on their collaboration. You can watch their big reveal video later in this article. In the new video, they’re shown mixing colors for the palette. “This looks so unique. Your palette is so unique, Shane,” Jeffree says at one point. Shane shows the collection to friends, who are awestruck. At long last, they – and we – get to see the colors.

Jeffree also posted photos of the collection on Twitter. Here it is:

It’s taken about a year, but the Conspiracy collection is coming out on Friday, November 1, 2019, according to Shane’s YouTube page. It will be available at Jeffree Star’s makeup collection website here. Among other things, the palette is expected to include eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks. In one video, Shane and Jeffree revealed there will be two eyeshadow palettes and six liquid lipstick shades. The bottom of the palette “looks like a movie poster,” a friend comments positively. Colors are called things like Ranch, Sleep Paralysis, and Illuminati, it’s revealed.

Jeffree stresses in the new video how important it is that customers get the palette quickly, as the camera pans to a warehouse already filled with stacks of pressed palettes. Jeffree worries that they ordered enough. Fans reacted with excitement.

“@shanedawson @JeffreeStar is there gonna be an option to buy the entire collection when it launches? I’m worried it’s gonna sell out before I can add everything to my cart ?,” wrote one.

“I CRIED WHEN I SAW YOU PUT THAT BEAUTIFUL ILLUMINATEA GREEN IN!! YAYY!! I LOVE ALL OF IT!!” wrote another. “Everything is absolutely amazing!! As a mature woman, I can’t tell you how excited I am about the beautiful colors in your palette, it’s so wearable!! Can’t wait till Friday!!” wrote yet another fan.


“The Conspiracy Collection Available This Friday Nov 1st at 10amPST,” Shane wrote on YouTube with a video headlined, “The Conspiracy Collection Reveal | Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson.” They look at logos and talk to promotional teams during the new video.

Here’s the video:

The Conspiracy Collection Reveal | Jeffree Star x Shane DawsonThe Conspiracy Collection Available This Friday Nov 1st at 10amPST on We'll be at Mall of America on Nov 2nd to celebrate the palette! Catch up on ALL episodes here! Check out “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” Spotify Playlist with songs updated every time a new episode comes out! Subscribe to…2019-10-30T00:32:57.000Z

Shane has been tweeting up a storm since that video dropped, writing, on October 29, “IM FREAKING OUT!!!! AHHH!!!!! please tweet me your live reactions to everything!! we’ve been working on all this for so long im so happy you can see it!! ???” and “I’ve never been more proud of a project in my entire life… ? Here is the #ShanexJeffree Collection reveal!!!!”

Shane also tweeted, “the video is over an hour so its taking time to process but it should be done soon!!! AHHHH my heart is racing! ???.” The video also contains flashbacks to a photo shoot.

About 17 minutes in, you see the first reveal, of the mini palette’s colors. The colors include dark teals and rust-colored oranges as well as light shades. The lip shades are bright pink, red, metallic gray. At one point in the video, they debated designs for the palette, and Jeffree needed an inhaler due to excitement. At about 47 minutes in, Jeffree presents Shane with the bigger palette, calling it “your first born.” The palette’s hues are light and bright, with several tending toward orange and bright pink. You can get a good look at it at about 50 minutes into the reveal video.

“OMG, it’s happening. It’s here,” Shane declares. Diet Cola and Pig Ment are some of the color names.

Jeffree was similarly excited, gushing on Twitter, “I can’t believe everyone is finally seeing our baby… I love you @shanedawson ?⭐️ #ShanexJeffree.” Jeffree added, “I can’t stop crying ???????.”

Jeffree declared, “I’ve never been more proud of a project in my entire life… Here is the #ShanexJeffree Collection reveal!!!!” During the video, though, Jeffree discusses personal problems, breaking down at one point about a beloved dog dying. As the video continues, though, excitement builds. In one scene, Shane tries on the collection’s lip gloss.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shane’s Merch Sold Out Immediately

There’s also an official Shane Dawson merch store, which you can find here. When it comes to the embroidered logo pink hoodie or the all over pig hoodie, or really anything else, the merch sold out right after it was unveiled on Oct. 15, 2019. That same day, Shane tweeted that the merch had sold out, writing on Twitter, “I’ve never sold out of anything before in my life. Thank you guys for being so supportive today. i’m crying and in total shock. Thank you Jeffree for helping me think more of myself this year. I love you so much. :,))))”

“I feel like once we’ve made some magic like, obviously we’re gonna create ’til we want to die, but from your own (merch) store and makeup, you could retire,” Star told Shane in one of their YouTube videos.

The new video starts by showing Jeffree lying down in a bathrobe. Jeffree says, “What’s next Shane, tell us.” Shane responds, “OK, so are we going to have to like a big shoot for the palette and also for the lip stuff, how does that work?”

Star says, “Oh like for our collection?… The crazy thing is, obviously everyone’s following this journey. So no one’s ever like seen sneak peaks before products have been… you know what I mean?”

Star continues, “I don’t think you should show all 18 in the beginning…But I think showing some… is so big and cool. 100 percent. I just think you don’t show all 18.”

The entire video is an hour long.

“The whole series is a reveal,” Shane says, referring to the pair’s documentary series on YouTube that is hyping the new palette and building up anticipation for it.

The video shows promotional meetings and billboards. The colors are already pressed and were shown stacked in a warehouse. “I feel like people are excited, but how do we know,” Dawson says, expressing concern about whether the palette will sell.

In a previous video, Star estimated Shane could make as much as $10 million from the new palette. “You could go home with like, 10 million,” Star said after doing some calculations. “How does that make you feel?”

The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree StarCatch up on ALL episodes here! Check out “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” Spotify Playlist with songs updated every time a new episode comes out! Subscribe to Jeffree Star Follow Andrew Siwicki Subscribe to Ryland Subscribe to Morgan Rich Lux – Clock it the House iTunes…2019-10-18T22:15:04.000Z

The October 4, 2019 video was viewed more than 20 million times. “The Secrets of the Beauty World,” it’s called.

The Secrets of the Beauty WorldClick Here to Watch Episode 3 Subscribe to Jeffree Star Follow Andrew Siwicki Subscribe to Ryland Subscribe to Morgan Show love to Nikkie Tutorials Music Featured Andrew Applepie "l u v t e a" by Autumn Keys Instagram: @autumnkeys YouTube: Spotify: Time of the Season -…2019-10-04T22:00:02.000Z

Star hyped the October 29, 2019 reveal video all day, writing, “Omhomgomglmfomgomgggggg good morning!!!!! ???? Today is officially the #ShanexJeffree Collection REVEAL DAY!!! Video will be up soon… And it’s our longest video in the series ever!!! ?.”

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