‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Who Went Home Tonight? 10/9/19

Survivor Season 39

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Survivor continues tonight on CBS. The competition series has already had some unexpected developments during its first two episodes, and tonight will see another castaway get eliminated. But which one? Which castaway will be voted off and sent home?

Read on for key spoilers on which castaway won an idol and which was voted off the island during episode three of Survivor.

8:05 – Alliances begin to shift early on. At the Lairo beach, Karishma Patel interacts with the other women in the tribe. She admits that she wants to make the girls feel comfortable, despite not wanting to go all the way with them. The men in the Lairo tribe are faced with a similar conflict. Aaron Meredith touches down with the other men and asks whether they would protect each in other if it came down to a vote. All the men said yes except Vince Moua. Vince is hesitant, as he remembers that Aaron was ready to take him out earlier in the season.

8:10 – We see Karishma cut her hand to the bone while prepping a coconut. “Oh my God,” she exclaims. “I can see my bone. Guys, I’m getting really light-headed.” Much to Patel’s dismay, none of the other Lairo tribe members come to her aid. They largely keep to themselves as she tries to keep calm. Karishma tries to hold back tears as she criticizes the other tribe members. “I’m 15 feet away. Nobody came to me,” she reasoned. “Each and every person on this tribe is dead to me.”

8:15 – Vince gets chosen to venture to the Island of the Idols. Once he leaves, the rest of the tribe discusses the probability that he will come back with an idol. During the discussion, Dean Kowalski suggests splitting the vote between Vince and someone else. He hesitates to say the second name, but Karishma believes that it’s her.

Vince Moua Is Hesitant to Form an Alliance With the Lairo Men Tonight

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8:20 – Vince is awestruck to Boston Rob and Sandra, as they are two of his idols. Once he settles down, he gets his mission: sneak into the other tribe’s camp to steal their fire. If Vince succeeds, he will win an idol. If he looses, he will lose a vote. Vince decides to accept the challenge, so Boston Rob and Sandra go about teaching him all they know about sneaking around rival camps.

8:30 – Vince sneaks into the Vokai camp, but he arrived to discover that one of the tribe members was still awake. Once the member fell back asleep, Vince continued his mission. He found that the tribe lets their fire go out at night, so to prove that he actually made it to camp, he shoveled ash and coal from the fire pit. He successfully completes his mission and makes it back!

Vince Moua Is Voted Off Despite Winning an Idol

8:40 – The immunity challenge for this week was a team obstacle course. It takes place primarily in the water, and the winning tribe will be able to win camp comforts like pillows and blankets. Janet Carbin and Elizabeth Beisel take the lead on either tribe as the solo swimmers, and they are tasked with untying a bouy under the water to retrieve a key. After a tense back-and-forth between the camps, Vokai tribe comes out on top!

8:45 – Lairo tribe members are left to figure out which of them to vote off. taking Vince suggests voting Tom Laidlaw out,but he becomes when Karishma decides against it. Chelsea Walker was okay with the idea, as it meant keeping the female alliance of the tribe strong, but  once again, Karishma refused to go along.

8:50 – At the second Lairo tribe council, Karishma makes a case for her to stick around. She says that she can handle herself physically, but that she has a hard time relating to everyone. The female members of the tribe reassure her, and discuss possible tribe swaps.

9:00 – After a tense vote, Jeff Probst reads them off: Tom, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince and Vince. The latter is sent home, despite having an idol in his pocket. The episode ends with Vince being surprised over the decision.