The New Wizarding World App & Website Launch Official Harry Potter Fan Club

Wizarding World App

Courtesy of Wizarding World Digital

For fans of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises, there is officially a central hub to enjoy and explore the magic: the Wizarding World website and accompanying phone app. The new platform launched globally on Wednesday, October 2.

In August, the Pottermore website teased that a new Wizarding World app was “on the way” for fans to enjoy. The site advertised “Created by Wizarding World Digital – the team behind Pottermore, along with Warner Bros. – the Wizarding World app will be packed with fresh features, new quizzes and more upcoming surprises for you to enjoy. It’s the official Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts companion.”

That website and companion app are finally here, with a number of awesome new and updated features for an even more immersive Wizarding World of Harry Potter online. Upon the Wizarding World’s official release, Paul Karaneck, the Managing Director of Wizarding World Digital, said “The Harry Potter global phenomenon continues to be loved by fans of all ages – from the millions of people who discover the books for the first time to those who explore the movies, audiobooks, stage play, visitor attractions and games each year.”

It is worth noting that once the Wizarding World website launched, closed as a site and any Pottermore website searches now redirect people to Not to worry, if you already had a Pottermore account, they have an option to carry your account over to the renovated Wizarding World site upon registration.

Here’s what you should know about the new app and website, and some of their coolest features:

The Official Harry Potter Fan Club

Wizarding World App

The most exciting feature that comes with the launch of the Wizarding World is the first official Harry Potter Fan Club. If Wizarding World members choose to join the (free) fan club, they will have access to curated experiences onsite and in-app, including and official newsletter and member benefits.

Introducing the fan club and what members can anticipate, Karaneck said “We have a wonderful opportunity to create new experiences including a fan club for the digital age, which offers an amazing breadth of content and new interactive platforms that will give our fans around the world a truly connected experience across the Wizarding World universe.”

And although this feature is not yet available, Harry Potter Fan Club members will soon be able to join Wizarding World Gold, a yearly subscription and paid add-on to the fan club experience, that includes exclusive perks and special offers, including a “unique, annual gift” for members.

An Upgraded Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony

The Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony was one of the first major draws for because it brought fans right into the universe and connected them to Hogwarts in a way that resembled their favorite characters’ first defining experiences at the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It makes sense, then, that comes with an upgraded sorting hat ceremony, which has been reimagined with augmented reality that makes answering J.K. Rowling’s original sorting hat questions and discovering which house you belong to even more magical.

A Personalized Wizarding Passport

When you register an account in the Wizarding World website and/or app, you are immediately given a virtual “Wizarding Passport.” It streamlines all of your personal Wizarding World information and data, including your Hogwarts house, Patronus, and Wand. They describe it as a user’s “magical identity.”

Also included in the Wizarding Passport is a space to choose and showcase your “favorites,” including your favorite characters, spells and potions, objects and foods, and beasts and beings.