Gary and Maggie Relationship Spoilers on ‘A Million Little Things’

Maggie and Gary face even more challenges in an all-new episode of A Million Little Things.

David Bukach/ABC Maggie and Gary face even more challenges in an all-new episode of A Million Little Things.

Maggie and Gary have been through a lot together. After all, he’s been a positive aspect in her life as she dealt with cancer. The couple appeared to be in as good a place as possible with their current issues when something new has come along to challenge their romance. It’s a question that is about far more than distance for the pair. As the fall finale airs, viewers are left guessing if this on again, off again couple will stay together or call it quits for good.

While the relationship hasn’t been that long in the making, spending a year apart could be a deal- breaker. Long distance relationships are already hard enough without the added constraints that the pair has between them. Maggie’s less than honest answer about getting the fellowship at Oxford may also complicate things even more. If Gary finds out she was willing to give up on them even as he lost his job, the relationship might just end anyway. At the very least, they’ll be facing a complete lack of trust or possibly a resentment at what one gave up for the other. DJ Nash, the series’ showrunner, spoke to Hollywood Life about the state of Gary and Maggie’s relationship. According to Nash, the fall finale leads to a major decision for this couple. “That comes to a head in this episode when they’re trying to figure out who they are and an event happens that forces the question,” he said.

A Few Surprises Add More Challenges for the Couple

The discovery of what seemed like a engagement ring already had viewers talking. On the fall finale, the series goes further as Maggie confronts Gary about it. This might give Gary the reason to find a way past their differences. It might also give them a way out if Maggie really wants to pursue Oxford without the guilt of leaving him behind. The whole Oxford storyline could be what both of these characters need to explore other parts of life away from one another. Considering how much they fought this season, this might be a good chance to explore other relationships as well.

Fans Are Split on What to Do About the Couple

Many fans of the series have pushed for Maggie and Gary to spend some time apart. Even though this is one of the show’s most popular and talked about couples, the realities of what brought them together and what keeps them together is a source of discussion. TV Fanatic‘s round table panel for the series, featuring writers Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Meaghan Frey, all echoed the same feelings. Frey summed up the sentiment when she said, “she should want to figure this out with Gary, and the fact that she doesn’t just goes to show that she isn’t in the right headspace for their relationship.” This wouldn’t be the first time Maggie talked about dealing with things herself. Regular viewers remember when she told Gary,”I love you, but this is something I need to do myself.” Other fans and critics want to see more of the couple if they can work out these last hurdles, much of which hinges on Maggie’s decisions.

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