Team Gwen Stefani So Far on The Voice Season 17 – 11/4/2019

Gwen Stefani judges on the voice

Trae Patton/NBC/2019 NBCUniversal Media, LLC Gwen Stefani leads another team on this season of The Voice.

The Voice is still in the knockout rounds, but Team Gwen has suffered some loses. To balance those talented performers who were eliminated, Stefani has already used her available steals. As the rounds continue, she may be faced with some tough choices as the new members search for their place in an already established group.

Jesse Lawrence Left Team Gwen

The knockout round saw Kyndal Inskeep and Jessie Lawrence battle to keep their spot on the team. Inskeep chose to go with Sia’s “Electric Heart” and the results were a more muted, but equally emotional take on the song. While the judges like her performance, most felt it stayed too much in her comfort zone.

Jesse Lawrence chose “Dancing With a Stranger” as his song for the round.  It’s faster tempo puts Lawrence at more of a disadvantage and doesn’t help him reach an emotional connection as he did with other performance. Stefani was happy with what he was bringing to the stage, but the other judges found their own problems in his presentation. It came down to a lack of diverse song choices against a lack of connection for the judges. Team Gwen chose to keep Kyndal Inskeep, sending Jessie Lawrence out of the competition. Steals were available for other judges to pick up Lawrence, but no one chose to use them.

Joana Martinez Joined the Team

Team Blake had their own powerful knockout round to deal with on the last episode. Joana Martinez chose to perform “California Dreaming” and gave it depth as well as an emotional response that gained praise from the judges. They were also wowed by the 15-year-old singer’s mature voice and control over the material. Unfortunately for Martinez, she was up against fellow team member Ricky Duran. His choice of a song that highlighted his unique abilities made it a hard choice. Team Blake chose to keep Duran and Martinez became available for a steal. Gwen Stefani used one of her steals and Martnez is now a part of Team Gwen. She joins singer Destiny Rayne in completing Stefani’s steals this season.

Who Has Been Eliminated

While Jessie Lawrence may be the most current member of the team to be eliminated, there are three other singers that made their mark before him. Henson, a native of Flint, Michigan, wanted to be a musician but found it difficult at first. He is now pursuing a musical career while working in Nashville. Caroline Reilly brought more youth to the competition. The homeschooled singer is focusing on her music above anything else. Elise Azkouls studied music and that education has paid off as the singer/songwriter teaches others about music. Commercial painter Jessie Lawrence is set on a better life after more than one battle with homelessness. He is at work reviving career opportunities that he once thought were lost.

The Remaining Members of Team Gwen

  • Calvin Lockett
  • Jake HaldenVang
  • Myracle Holloway
  • Rose Short
  • Royce Lovett