Are the Bella Twins Back on ‘Total Divas’ 2019?

Nikki and Brie Bella Total Divas

Getty Professional wrestlers Brie and Nikki Bella aka 'The Bella Twins' attend the 2019 Couture Council Award Luncheon honoring French iconic footwear designer Christian Louboutin at the David H. Koch Theater on September 04, 2019 in New York City.

A new episode of Total Divas airs on Tuesday, November 19. The description for the new episode, entitled “35 Years in the Making,” teases “In the first WrestleMania headlined by women, Ronda gives everything she has in what could be her last match; the Bellas wonder if it’s their time to come back as a tag-team; Natalya prepares to give the ultimate tribute to her father.” The second part of this description may come as a surprise to fans of the reality series, who understood that Nikki and Brie Bella left the series as of Spring 2019.

Although the Bellas have popped up on occasion throughout season 9, it has been clear that they are not back to stay. What gave fans hope this time, however, was a clip released ahead of the episode that showed Nikki and Brie considering the possibility of returning to WWE just once more to compete as a tag team. Which seems unlikely, since they only just announced their retirement in March 2019.

Without an active presence in WWE, it makes sense that the twins would no longer be regulars on Total Divas and instead focus on Total Bellas, which focuses specifically on their lives. In June, Nikki and Brie explained their reason for leaving WWE on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: doctors found a benign cyst on Nikki’s brain. During that interview, however, she did consider the possibility of returning to WWE in the future, “I believe in miracles, you never know!” she said. “We’ll see what the man upstairs has in store for me.”

On their podcast, The Bellas Podcast, the twins revealed earlier this year that they would be taking a step back from Total Divas. Brie said “Nikki and I realized this year that it is time to say goodbye to Total Divas.” Nikki chimed in, adding “Brie and I have been with the franchise from the beginning and have literally put out hearts and souls and our lives on TV. [We wanted to] help make it into a big franchise, to help make it a success, to truly change peoples minds about women in wrestling and how much women in the wrestling industry do in and out of the ring.”

Elaborating on their reason for quitting the series that ultimately launched the Total Bellas spinoff, they explained that it took a lot out of them filming all year between the two reality series. Nikki said ““We filmed all year long. When other people would get breaks from the reality cameras, Brie and I would be filming the next season of Bellas and then we’d go straight into Divas.” She said that having to film two different shows while they were also trying to live through and process real, difficult experiences meant “We have to live our lives twice. When you have that bad moment in your life, you have to realize the bad. I know for me, that was exhausting, living my life twice.” Total Bellas returns to E! in 2020.

Tune in to new episodes of Total Divas season 9, Tuesday nights at 10/9c on E!

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