How to Make Turkey Gravy for Thanksgiving Dinner 2019

Turkey Gravy

Wikimedia - Kevin Walter - Turkey Gravy is easy to make for your Thanksgiving dinner.

So, you’re cooking your Thanksgiving turkey and sides, thinking the meal is almost ready when you’ve realized you don’t have any gravy. Lucky for you, even though you can just use store-bought gravy for your Thanksgiving dinner, it is easy to make turkey gravy from scratch – and everything you need is already in your kitchen.

At the end of your Thanksgiving meal prep, just before serving your dinner, there is a simple and delicious recipe for you to follow that will surely impress your dinner guests:

Betty Crocker has a “foolproof” recipe for making your turkey gravy this way, that has a 4.5-star rating from people who have tried it. The recipe, which takes only 10 minutes to make, only needs two kitchen staples in addition to the drippings: flour and water.

After you have cooked and carved your turkey, don’t dispose of the turkey juices that dripped to the bottom of the pan. Instead, dispose of any bones or large turkey pieces from the greasy liquid, before moving the pan to your stovetop. Depending on personal preference, keep the small pieces of turkey, stuffing, and crispy skin that fell into the base of the pan while the turkey was cooking, as it adds extra flavor and texture.

Over medium heat, you slowly add the flour and water, stirring consistently, until the gravy is at your desired consistency. When you drag your mixing spoon along the base of the pan, you should notice that the gravy is thick enough that it doesn’t immediately fill in the space your spoon created (for at least a moment, you should be able to see the bottom of the pan, without gravy covering it).

For the complete recipe, click here.

To avoid a clumpy gravy that has lumps of uncooked flour in it, make sure you shake the flour evenly, and in small increments, over the liquid. If you dump the flour in all at once, it will be much harder to get the right consistency when mixing.

If you’re looking for a more involved turkey gravy recipe, Damn Delicious has a recipe for what they call “the best turkey gravy.” It includes ingredients thyme, parsley leaves, and ground black pepper for added depth of flavor. If you have the time to spend on making your turkey gravy, Food Network’s “classic turkey gravy” recipe takes 3 hours to make from start to finish but has a perfect 5-star rating. Their recipe process actually begins with making a broth while the turkey is in the oven cooking, which you add into the roux after the turkey is done and the turkey gravy has been made from the drippings. For their complete recipe, click here.

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