‘Temptation Island’s’ Rick Fleur Opens up About Medinah & Ashley G

Ashley Rick

USA Rick Fleur opens up about his 'Temptation Island' relationships.

When he first agreed to go on Temptation Island, Rick Fleur wanted to prove his girlfriend of four years, Ashley G., wrong. He also wanted to show that he “knew how to act when she’s not around.”

Ashley G. and Rick had been dating for four years before heading on the reality TV show, and as Rick puts it, he was content with the way things were. He tells Heavy, “It took me by surprise when she bought [the show] to my attention.”

Rick eventually agreed to give Temptation Island a shot. “I wanted to also learn about myself and deal with some inner issues,” he said.

He Was Nervous To Meet the Singles

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Rick admitted that he was nervous and excited to meet the singles. “Once I met them face-to-face I thought the ladies looked even better in person. Medinah caught my eye from the jump,” he said.

Discussing his relationship with Medinah further, Rick said that there was something about her that drew him in from the get-go. “One thing about Medinah,” he said, “She had a huge personality and I loved that about her. That’s what attracted me initially.”

When we last left off, Rick and Medinah toasted to their friendship, and during the final bonfire, Ashley G. and Rick agreed to leave the show a couple.

He Says He Had to Forgive Ashley to Move on

Rick tells Heavy he had to forgive Ashley so that he could move on. He adds, “I grew so much during my time on the island. I’m not perfect and have strayed in the past. So she deserved that.”

As Bustle points out, however, it’s possible the two are no longer together. The outlet references an interview Rick did with Talk Nerdy With Us from December 3 in which he says that he only agreed to be on Temptation Island to “shut [Ashley] up”. At a separate point in the interview, he said of going on the show, “It definitely took some convincing. It took like maybe a week of her constantly nagging me because Ashley can be annoying [laughs]. I was like, ‘Yo get off my back. Here’s the paperwork. Let me know what happens next.'”

Bustle also points out that the two no longer follow one another on Instagram or Twitter.

When Heavy asked the reality TV star if he could say one thing to one person on Temptation Island what would it be and what would he say, Rick said, “I would choose Ashley and tell her to not lose sight of why she came. I’d tell her I hope she grows into a better person on her journey.”

In the end, Rick does not regret his time on the island. “Things happen the way they’re supposed to… so I wouldn’t change anything.”

To find out if the two are still together, fans will have to tune in to tonight’s reunion special and the second part of the final bonfire, which will air on USA Network at 9pm ET/PT.

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