‘V-Wars’ vs ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Netflix Series Reminds Viewers of Damon Salvatore

V-Wars vs The Vampire Diaries

Netflix V-Wars vs The Vampire Diaries

Netflix has just released a new series called V-Wars, and viewers are already comparing it to The Vampire Diaries. That’s because one of the main actors from The Vampire Diaries is back, but this time he’s playing the vampires’ worst enemy. Here’s a look at how fans are comparing the two series so far. At the end of this article is a poll where you can share how you feel the two series compare. 

Fans Are Loving the New ‘V-Wars,’ But They Can’t Stop Comparing It to ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Ian Somerhalder played one of the main vampire characters on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, a popular series that ran for eight seasons from 2009 to 2017. Having just ended a couple years ago, of course fans of the series are now comparing it to Netflix’s new series, V-Wars.

But unlike in his first season, Somerhalder isn’t playing a vampire this time around. Now he’s playing a scientist trying to solve an outbreak that creates vampires. Somerhalder is playing Dr. Luther Swann, and although his character is very different this time around, viewers are thrilled to see him back on TV.

V-Wars has 10 episodes in its first season and all were released simultaneously on Netflix on December 5, 2019. Somerhalder even directed Episode 9. The series is based on the comic series by the same name.

Fans have a lot to say when comparing the show, even though the new series has only just been released. Some fans already binged the series and finished it in a day.

One fan wrote: “So pumped about your new show @iansomerhalder! #VWars a new side to you after Damon Salvatore #VampireDiaries.” 

Some people can’t stop thinking of Somerhalder as a vampire. One fan wrote: “Is it a coincidence that the main dude from Vampire Diaries is now in a Netflix original about vampires? I feel like it definitely isn’t. Seems suspect to me …. #VWars #hestotallyavampireinreallife”

Another fan wrote: “100% only watching #VWars for @iansomerhalder. In fact, I remember watching #VampireDiaries for the exact same reason.”

Others are already saying they like V-Wars more because it feels like a more mature show. One viewer wrote: “The new #VWars on @NetflixUK with @iansomerhalder is like the Vampire Diaries grew up and got scary…AND I LOVE IT.” 

Meanwhile, others are saying they just want to watch The Vampire Diaries again instead of the new series. One viewer wrote: “I can’t watch #VWars on #Netflix cause I just end up turning on #VampireDiaries Send Help.” 

And some fans are just glad to see that Somerhalder is back.

But others are saying although the new series is good, they just want a new spinoff of The Vampire Diaries featuring only Damon Salvatore.

Most fans agree though. If you liked The Vampire Diaries, you’ll likely enjoy V-Wars too.

The official description for V-Wars reads: “A doctor is pitted against his best friend when an ancient disease turns people into vampires; from the comics by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson.”

Let us know in the poll below: which series do you like better so far?

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