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After the second episode of this season’s Siesta Key on MTV, it’s not immediately clear if Brandon and Amanda are dating or not. Brandon was dating Madisson last season and doesn’t appear to be over her, since he responded poorly to news about her new boyfriend, Ish. However, at the end of episode 2 of the season, Brandon was on a date with Amanda at The Cottage restaurant.

It’s unclear from their social media profiles whether the two have begun dating, or if they are still together since that date. It’s likely that they are not, however, since Brandon uploaded a new picture with Camilla just eight weeks ago.

From the episode summary, however, it appears as if Madisson isn’t sure about the two of them being together. Madisson is apparently doubting Amanda’s intentions with Brandon right from the get-go.

Brandon and Amanda tried to start a relationship in season one, but the show has not leaned on the two of them being together before this point. It seems to be a strategic play by either Brandon or the producers of the show since Brandon basically said that they were just going to go on a date because they were the only single people on the cast at the time.

Brandon Fought with Madisson’s New Boyfriend

Brandon Fights w/ Madisson's New Boyfriend | Siesta Key | MTVMadisson finally reveals who she's been dating to the group, and not everyone takes the news as well as she'd hoped. #SiestaKey #MTV Subscribe to MTV: This reality series follows a group of young friends from Florida's Siesta Key island as they face love, heartbreak, betrayal, friendship and adulthood. On Season 3, the friends…2020-01-08T17:00:07.000Z

At the beginning of season 3 of Siesta Key, Madisson showed up with a new boyfriend. The confrontation started with Brandon asking Ish if the relationship was even real and saying that the relationship was “a whole bag of weird.” He told the couple that everyone else thought it was weird too, but most of the others denied thinking it was weird.

“That was the girl I loved,” Brandon told Ish. “That means that you had your sights on her for a long time!”

Ish told Brandon that wasn’t true, but Brandon didn’t seem to believe him. He ended up walking away from the confrontation after other cast members told the guys to stop fighting.

The teaser for this week’s episode shows Madisson confronting Brandon about his relationship with Amanda.

“I know that she has played you in the past, has she not?” Madisson asks Brandon. He responds that she has moved on and doesn’t get to comment on his current relationship.

Amanda Has a Violent History With Chloe

In season one of Siesta Key, Amanda and Chloe got into a huge fight. The fight ultimately led to Amanda breaking Chloe’s nose. While the fight did start because of some sort of fast food argument, Chloe and Amanda were both into Brandon at the time, so that could have been one source of tension behind the fight.

Fans of the show seem to have mixed reactions over whether or not the couple should be together or not. Some fans write that they are obviously fake, while others are excited about where the relationship could be going, saying that the couple brings out the best in each other.

Amanda recently did an interview with “Carrie’s Chronicles,” where she talked about the people she clicked with while on the show.

“I’ve always clicked well with most of the guys on our show, some better than others, but you’ll have to keep watching the new season of Siesta Key if you want to see where I’m currently at,” she said. “All I can say is I’m happy with where things are now and wouldn’t change a thing.”

Siesta Key airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. Tune in to see if what Brandon and Amanda have is real or not.

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