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This season on MTV’s Catfish will be a little different than the previous seasons. This time, instead of the person speaking to the catfish reaching out for help, a concerned friend or family member will contact Nev. Season 8 of Catfish premieres Wednesday, January 8 on MTV at 8 p.m. ET. 

Nev Schulman, the original host of Catfish will be returning to host, but this time he’ll have help. Fan-favorite guest host Kamie Crawford will be helping out this season. Of course, the original cameraman, Max Joseph, left the show in 2018, meaning his last season was season 7. He will not be back this season.

Catfish follows Nev and Kamie as they help people investigate relationships they’ve formed online. This season, the pair will respond to tips from concerned friends and family to help people in “dubious relationships track down bae IRL,” so they can help the couple sort out issues.

The Season is Full of Twists

MTV’s “Catfish: The TV Show” Exclusive First Look“Catfish: The TV Show” premieres on Wednesday, January 8 at 8pm ET/PT on MTV. #Catfish #Reveals #MTV Subscribe to Catfish: More from Catfish: Like Catfish: Follow Catfish: Catfish Instagram: #MTV is your destination for the hit series WNO, VMA, Jersey Shore, The Challenge, How Far Is Tattoo Far?, Teen Mom and…2019-12-12T18:57:46.000Z

In the above preview, you can see Nev is experiencing some things he hasn’t seen before. At one point, you can hear him say he’s been waiting 8 seasons to do a DNA test. He also asks “What the hell is going on?” at the beginning of the video, but that’s pretty much the status quo for Catfish. 

The first look also promises a season of friends helping friends, which will be new for the program. Previously, people would reach out to Nev themselves to ask for help tracking down the person they thought may be catfishing them.

Each week, the hosts will track down these people and help the people in the relationship with them. They will speak with friends and family to determine what’s going on in the relationship and what exactly the cause for concern is.

Episode one will follow Red and Jalissa. According to the woman Red has been speaking to, Jalissa has famous friends and is really busy; they’ve made plans to meet up, but Jalissa is always flaking on Red. Last time they attempted to meet, Red flew into town, only to be left stranded. The two never met up.

Kamie Crawford Hosts Full-Time

Kamie Crawford attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on August 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey. (Getty)

This season, the show needed to have someone replace long-time co-host Max Joseph. Joseph had been on the show alongside Schulman since the very beginning but left last season. Crawford guest-hosted on the show after Joseph left and quickly became a fan favorite, leading her to earn the job as a full-time co-host.

Crawford, a former Miss Teen USA winner, made such a positive impression on viewers that she was able to guest host three times last season before being offered the full-time position. Crawford started a YouTube channel after winning Miss Teen USA and has modeled with JAG models, where she was considered a plus-size model. She started college at 21 years old. She currently hosts segments on ABC News 8 CT Style segment and has hosted People Magazine’s “People Style Tracks” in the past.

Fans fell in love with Crawford because of her no-nonsense attitude and her good sense of humor. She’s discussed the fact that social media as a whole is a catfish and thinks that everyone wants to fit the mold of what they think someone else may like.

Her first episode on Catfish was season 7 episode 20. She then returned for episode 29 and 33 of the same season.

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