Street Outlaws’ 2020 Teams & Spoilers: Meet the Contestants

street outlaws meet the contestants


Discovery Channel’s Street OutlawsFastest in America premieres on January 20, 2020 in a three-hour premiere event beginning at 8 p.m. EST. The show is a spin-off of Street Outlaws, which first released in 2013.

Street Outlaws: Fastest in America episode one, which is titled “Biggest Street RAce Ever,” will see eight racing teams arrive to Memphis from across the country. They’ll battle it out for the title of “Fastest in America” and the $100,000 cash prize.

Jonathan Day, also known as JJ Da Boss is the “racing master.” He chooses the teams for the show and is the owner of an automobile firm and the main cast character on Street Outlaws: Memphis. 

Who Are The Contestants?

The contestants are divided into teams chosen by JJ Da Boss. Each team will try to prove that they deserve the grand prize more than the other teams do.

South Carolina

Michael Williams
Chris Block
Casey Cj Coker
Tyler Roller
Chad Faulling
Jerry Patterson
Keith Johnson

St. Louis

Dynamite Dave
Brad Bevans
Kegan Hagedorn
Lance Kobusch
Josh Deweese
Jon Cornelsen
Jeff Martin
Justin Atkins


Jason Cantu
Sam Harvey
Mike Murillo
Eric Bain
Fabian Bell
James Kay


Kye Kelley
Ryan Taggart
Jerry Bird
Scott Taylor
Bobby Ducote
Barry Nicholson
Brent Self
Adam Plunkett
Todd Spiers


Quinn Shireman
Austin Smith
Scotty Hinkle
Blake Bradford
Jason Lancaster
Gene Thompson
Cliff Clark
Don Baskin


Chris Rankin
Blake Kirschbaum
Nick Tunno
Doug Spaulding
Scott Smith
Mac Brosnan
Matt Farmer
Cory Brandon


Richard Mccarver
Scottie Corbin
Lester Miller
Chris Davidson
Danny Thomas
Derrick Bailey
Doc Baker


Brian Chucky Davis
Diamond Hugo
Bill Lutz
Jake Blain
Johnny Quick
Gary Ball
Pande Talevski
Enoch Ball
Junior Southwell


Jj Da Boss
Brian Britt
Lee Roberts
Jeff James
Anthony Smith
Kenneth Gulley
Mustang Mike
Donn Gingrich
Dennis Bailey

What Goes Down on Episode One?

On the first episode of Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, the Memphis team takes a back-seat role. They’ll sit back and observe the other teams carefully as they race, paying especially close attention to their plan of attack. In a team-based competition, they’ll realize that you’re only as good as the rest of your team.

“Fancy cars don’t mean anything,” JJ Da Boss explained in a press release. “You need to keep your head together in the street.”

The racers will quickly realize that it’s not just a matter of how fast their car is or what they’ve got under the hood, but it’s also about how much they know about the street and the surface. This might give team Memphis a home-court-like advantage since they’re all racing in Memphis.

Throughout the first season of the show, drivers will rely on their tactics and street knowledge to get under the skin of the rest of the teams, using their trash-talking to get the mental advantage over the others.

Street Outlaws: Fastest in America premieres tonight, January 20, 2020 on Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. EST. Tune in then to see which team will get one step closer to being crowned the fastest in America.

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