‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Episode 2 Time: How Long Is the Show Tonight?

ABC Peter Weber and contestants on Season 24 of 'The Bachelor'

The season 24 premiere of The Bachelor caught some fans off guard, as it was a whopping three hours in length. There was lots to cover regarding Peter Weber, Hannah Brown and the female contestants who are vying for Weber’s heart. But what does that mean for episode two? How long is the tonight’s episode in comparison to the premiere?

The second episode of The Bachelor season 24 will be two hours in length. ABC confirmed that the episode will air at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and end at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, depending on your time zone. You can check out additional network details by clicking here.

The length of Bachelor episodes have varied over the years. Between the 2002-06 seasons, the reality series was 60 minutes in length. Bachelor Wikia reports that the series was increased to 90 minutes in 2006, but it only stuck to this new format for two seasons. The most recent change to the runtime was made in 2009, when the length of each episode was extended out to 120 minutes. It has stuck to the 120 minute cap for the past decade.

Tonight’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Is 120 Minutes or 2 Hours

Colton Underwood made Bachelor history when his season 23 premiere lasted a whopping three hours in length. The episode included a full hour of footage before he arrived at the mansion, and the Chicago Tribune reported that fans were not pleased with the padded-out runtime.

“The response from living rooms around the country: Please never do this again,” the outlet wrote. “Twitter agreed: There was really no reason for a Bachelor premiere to be three hours, especially when most of the time was taken up by those viewing parties.” Despite the mixed feedback, the series decided to move ahead with a similar three-hour runtime for the season 24 premiere.

The finale will adhere to the two-hour runtime established by the rest of the season. There will, however, be an additional hour-long special afterwards titled After the Final Rose. The special will delve into the aftermath of the finale, and reveal what happened to each of the contestants.

The Past Few ‘Bachelor’ Season Premieres Have Been 3 Hours

Bachelor producer Chris Harrison promised fans that Weber’s season finale will be unlike any they have seen before. “This is very dramatic, but in a very different way than, say, Colton’s season, whereas there was this crazy feat of athleticism where he jumped the fence, and Hannah’s was, obviously the twist at the end of hers with Jed and what happened,” he told People Magazine. “This is in a more emotional, gut-wrenching way.”

“Really that’s how we get into every season, and really the last episode of every year, you don’t know what’s going to happen,” Harrison added. “And that’s the crazy thing about it.”

The second episode of the season is titled “2402,” and the synopsis for it reads, “Peter and Hannah continue their conversation; eight of the women walk the runway as models in a fashion show, where they are judged by TV personality Carson Kressley and model Janice Dickinson.”

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