Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel) on ‘American Idol: 5 Fast Facts

Arthur Gunn

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Arthur Gunn is an American Idol contestant whose real name is Dinesh Pokharel.

Pokharel, a singer-songwriter from Nepal and Wichita, Kansas, chose Arthur Gunn as his stage name. In a May 2019 interview, Dibesh said he starting thinking about using a stage name while working on his debut album “Grahan,” an eight-song collection that dropped in the summer of 2018.

Dibesh says he doesn’t hail from a musical family, but was fortunate enough to grow up around music and be exposed to it at an early age. He started singing six years ago. His inspirations include John Martyn, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Bukka White, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and John Lee Hooker.

Here’s everything we know about Arthur Gunn on American Idol:

1. Arthur Gunn Is Not Expected to Be Immediately Eliminated

Dibesh Pokharel / Arthur Gunn – MA [OFFICIAL RELEASE]This is an early release for you all! 'MA' is the recent single on the making of 'KHOJ'. I made this video through some captured moments of my few of the traveling. Thanks to those who has played huge role on making of these moments, and thank you all for your love and support. SHARE!!SUBSCRIBE!!!…2019-10-26T11:07:32Z

Gunn appeared in a commercial for the show that debuted during the Academy Awards on Sunday and has been in heavy rotation on the network ever since. It features a busload of new “Idol” contestants singing along to Elton John’s classic song “Tiny Dancer.”

The commercial, a tribute to a scene from the 2000 film “Almost Famous,” includes “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest merrily driving the bus filled with contestants. At the end of the commercial, he says, “These ‘Idol’ hopefuls are almost famous.”

Gunn, wearing a green shirt, a gold earring and sunglasses on top of his head, can be seen singing in the back row of the bus.

2. Arthur Gunn Impresses American Idol Judges

American Idol | Almost Famous PromoSubscribe:

Gunn made it in front of celebrity judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan because he also was prominently featured in a sneak peak of the season released in December.

In the clip, Gunn strums his guitar in front of the celebrity judges as he performs a few lines from “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” After, judge Bryan appears to say of him, “I think he might be the biggest star we’ve ever had on ‘American Idol.’”

3. Arthur Gunn Is From Nepal

Arthur Gunn & Audio Paradolia – just a little tasteThis is the song from the new project we are working on called "Arthur Gunn & Audio Paradolia". This is the demo of the first track called "Just a little taste". Stay tuned, Subscribe, Share. Thanks and praises to Audio Paradolia and to all of you. Scroll down for more information!!! Guitars Composition: Steven k.…2019-09-16T02:21:49Z

Arthur Gunn, 20, is actually a stage name for Dibesh Pokharel, a native of Nepal who says he moved to Wichita about six years ago. Gunn said he followed his sisters to Wichita, where they were attending school, and that his parents then followed, too.

He sang all the time as a child in Nepal, he said, but for a long time, he thought of it as just a hobby. He began to take it seriously the year before he came to Wichita, reported the Wichita Eagle.

4. Arthur Gunn Was Invited to Audition In Person By American Idol Judges

Arthur Gunn – KHOJThis is the first track from the making of "KHOJ". stay tuned for the updates on the 'KHOJ'. Thank you all of you! Composer: Dibesh Pokharel Arranger: Dibesh Pokharel Guitar: Dibesh Pokharel Vocals: Dibesh pokharel Percussion: Dibesh Pokharel Lyrics: Dibesh Pokharel Song Cover Art: Samir Maharjan Find Arthur Gunn on Spotify: Find Arthur Gunn…2019-08-19T22:31:40Z

In Nepal, Gunn said, he would perform in coffee houses and pubs but more often he’d sing for gatherings of friends. Eventually, he recorded some of his music.

He submitted an online audition to “Idol” last year and was invited to attend the Wichita in-person auditions, which attracted a big crowd to Century II. At the time, producers would not say how many hopefuls from Wichita advanced to the next round.

The whole experience has been pretty wild, Gunn told the Wichita Eagle. “I’ve had a little bit of nervousness, but I always believed in my music and believed in myself that I could do it.”

5. Arthur Gunn Has A YouTube Channel

Dibesh Pokharel / Arthur Gunn – Karnali (The River)"Karnali" (The River) is third track from the making of "KHOJ". All Music Written, arranged & Produced by : Dibesh Pokharel / Arthur Gunn Find Arthur Gunn on Spotify: Find Arthur Gunn on iTunes: Lyrics : K nai payau timile, Andakar lai apanayera Maan ma bhako kura Haru sabai , maan bhitrai rakhera…2019-12-21T20:55:00Z

Gunn sings a great variety of music and his influences are numerous. His YouTube channel reveals an acoustic rock sound.

Wichita was one of 22 cities the show’s producers visited over a two-month period last summer. It was “Idol’s” first scouting visit to the city since the show — which has produced stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood — started in 2002.

His acoustic tracks on his YouTube channel have received more than 23,000 views. His first track of his KHOJ album received more than 63,000 views, one of three singles he released in 2019, including “Ma,” “Khoj” and “Karnali (The River).”

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