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Coca Cola’s 2020 Super Bowl commercial features Martin Scorcese and Jonah Hill. The ad also includes a cameo from YBN Cordae, in an effort to highlight Coca-Cola Energy, the company’s first energy drink.

The 60-second commercial shows Scorcese waiting for a text message from Hill, who needs an energy boost in order to attend a party. Scorcese waits in agony, watching the three dots for a response from Hill. After drinking a Coke Energy, Hill is ready to party.

Geoff Cottrill, who is Coke’s senior vice president of strategic marketing for creative, tells CNBC that it was Hill’s decision to have Scorcese join him in the commercial.

Coke Started Selling the Energy Drink in the US on January 20

Coca-Cola, which started selling Coke Energy in the US on January 20, has also started selling in select international markets.

Coke Energy contains 114mg of caffeine per 12 fl. oz can. Along with caffeine, the energy drink also has guarana and B vitamins. It’s available in flavors like zero sugar, cherry, and zero sugar cherry. The drink is a “caffeinated boost to the classic beverage”, according to Billboard.

In a recent interview, YBN Cordae was asked what his reaction was to being approached to make a cameo in the commercial. He responded, “That was mad tight. I didn’t know who Martin Scorsese was. I was born in ‘97, but I heard him in a Drake line [on “Tuscan Leather”] that was tough: “Life is soundin’ crazy, 40 on Martin Scorsese/ And I wouldn’t change a thing if you paid me.” And everybody f— with Jonah [Hill]. I heard he f—s with hip-hop a lot too. It’s real dope. I was just watching [Hill’s movie] Superbad not too long ago.”

Asked to discuss the drink, he said, “No bullshit, like that s— is actually good. I try not to drink too much soda but you know, at the cookout, they always have like Coca Cola sittin’ there and the Coca Cola Energy Cherry [flavor] is actually really good. Before shows and performances, I tried it and it worked.”

Coca-Cola Will Be Handing out Samples of Coke Energy at Grand Central Station Monday Morning

CNBC reports that an average of 17 million workers will skip work the day after the Super Bowl.

To combat this, according to CNBC, Coke is planning on continuing their “show up” theme (the commercial will push the #showup hashtag) by offering samples of Coke Energy at Grand Central Station in New York City on Monday morning from 7 am until noon. Amazon Trucks are also doing the same in 29 cities. The outlet writes, “Coca-Cola wants to offer those bleary-eyed folks another alternative: a jolt of caffeine to combat the post-Super Bowl lethargy. Its new advertising campaign for Coke Energy debuts during the big game to deliver the message.”

The ad was created with the agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Hill tells Variety of he and Scorcese, “We laugh a lot when we are together, and I think that’s wht makes the spot ultimately very sweet.”

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