Pop-Tarts Pretzel’s Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

Pop-Tarts Fixed the Pretzel Commercial, starring Jonathan Van NessPop-Tarts saves America from lame pretzels with the help of Jonathan Van Ness2020-01-29T10:42:29.000Z

Queer Eye fans will be elated to learn that Jonathan Van Ness is part of Pop-Tart’s Super Bowl campaign this year. The commercial introduces Pop-Tarts Pretzel. As Van Ness puts it, “Pop-Tarts Pretzel is the perfect combo of sweet and salty.”

This year, Pop-Tart’s commercial will run for 30 seconds and air after the first half’s two-minute warning during the second quarter of the game on Sunday.

Van Ness Transforms Into an Infomercial Pitch Person

In the commercial, Van Ness transforms into a Pop-Tarts infomercial pitch person and prompts viewers to let go of plain-old pretzels in favor of Pop-Tarts Pretzel.

In a statement, Pop-Tarts’ senior director of marketing Phil Schaffer said, “Pop-Tarts Pretzel is one of the biggest product innovations in our brand’s history… While our fans have always enjoyed Pop-Tarts any time of day, since this is our first sweet & salty Pop-Tarts variety perfect for snacking moments we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to unveil Pop-Tarts Pretzel than on one of the biggest snacking days of the year…”

According to The Street, Pop-Tarts isn’t just debuting their pretzel commercial– they’re also having a giveaway called the “Pop-Tartz Pretzel Drop,” where fans following @PopTartsUS on Twitter will have the opportunity to win Pop-Tart themed gifts.

In a recent interview with On the Move panel, Van Ness shared, “This is something I’m really into, and something I’m really excited about.” He added that he has loved cinnamon sugar Pop-Tarts for as long as he can remember. “Finding out Pop-Tarts was doing a Pretzel Cinnamon Sugar Pop-Tart and chocolate pretzel, I was like ‘yes, yes, yes’… nothing turns my frown upside down like a pack of Pop-Tart pretzels.”

In a statement, Joe Beauprez, marketing director for Pop-Tarts, said, “Pop-Tarts is always ingeniously creating new ways to enjoy familiar, loved foods.” The item launched in January 2020, selling for about $3.49.

This Year’s Super Bowl Will Feature LGBTQ-Friendly Commercial Spots

NBC News reports that Pop-Tart’s commercial is one of a number of Super Bowl ads that will feature LGBTQ representation this year. Other ads include the first woman and first openly gay coach in the Super Bowl, and a Sabra hummus spot starring drag queens Miz Cracker and Kim Chi.

In an interview with the outlet, GLAAD shared, “For too long LGBTQ visibility in Super Bowl ads was nearly invisible, but this year will mark a breakthrough in LGBTQ representation with many prominent members of our community appearing in ads… This is a positive step forward in reflecting the diversity of the world we live in today and a sign that global brands have woken up to the fact that the American public largely expects and wants to see LGBTQ people attached to their brands.”

Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, added, “It’s not so much of a surprise that there’s LGBTQ representation this year, the surprise is that it took so long…”

This year will also feature a number of females both in front of and behind the camera, from Molly Ringwald to Nicole Stott.

Be sure to tune in to the game at 6:30pm EST, 3:30pm PST, on Fox.

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