Coronavirus Memes: The Best COVID-19 Tweets


Nothing spreads as quickly as a good meme. No matter how long you wash your hands, no matter how much hand sanitizer you use, and no matter how much toilet paper you have in stock, the memes will find you.

So, we’ve compiled for you some of the best coronavirus and COVID-19 themed memes, to take your mind off of the coworker that just coughed in your general direction.

It seems like it’s become an international pastime to use memes to distract us from the slowly tightening grip of death and destruction – or, to answer some of life’s most profound questions: Why is everyone buying so much toilet paper? Isn’t there a better song I can sing in my head while I’m washing my hands?

Coronavirus memes fall into a few different groups: hand-washing memes, COVID-19 toilet paper memes, and, of course, The Office. So, without further ado, since time is running out for us all, here are the best and funniest coronavirus memes:

Coronavirus Hand-Washing Memes

Coronavirus hand-washing memes were one of the earliest trends. A theme was sharing hand-washing lyrics from about 20 seconds of a song, or the minimum length of time the CDC recommends to wash your hands to remove germs.

Some people joked that they would only wash their hands for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. Others questioned whether or not people actually washed their hands when there was not an ongoing pandemic.

Another theme of hand-washing memes was sharing a sample of a song, along with images of proper hand-washing techniques. One of the circulating hand-washing songs was “Breathe” by PipeDream. Others included “Thong Song” by Sisqo and “Sweet Tansvestite” from “The Rocky Horor Picture Show.”

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Memes

Coronavirus toilet paper memes took off March 10, 2020, once people started noticing that people were stocking up on toilet paper.

“Uh oh, time to break into the emergency coronavirus hoard,” Peter Gleick wrote on Twitter, along with an empty toilet paper roll.

The meme took off when people began panic-buying toilet paper. Some retailers in the U.S. and Canada have imposed limits on how much toilet paper a person can buy, and some retailers in Australia have hired security guards to impose their limits, CNN reported.

“It’s all due to this wave of anticipatory anxiety,” Clinical Psychologist and author of “The Psychology of Pandemics,” Steven Taylor told CNN. “People become anxious ahead of the actual infection. They haven’t thought about the bigger picture, like what are the consequences of stockpiling toilet paper.”

Coronavirus Travel & Introvert Memes

People started noticing that the cost of plane tickets had dropped as people avoided airports, planes and travel overseas. Others welcomed a reason to stay inside as coronavirus cancellations touched events including the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston, Massachusetts and the NBA and NHL seasons.

Others observed that, with travel restrictions lingering and panic rising, the cost of travel was declining.

Twitter user Trashye shared a picture of a person lying in a hospital bed, appearing to be questioning his life choices.

“Me in the hospital with corona virus after traveling the world for $28.64,” the caption said.

Coronavirus CDC memes & Coronavirus Immunity Memes

Another trend was memes that shared opinions on what life experiences would make you immune to the coronavirus, or simply told people to keep calm and carry on.

Many of the CDC memes presented a dialogue between the CDC and “People,” who represented the panicking public. The memes poked fun at reactions that seemed irrational. While the CDC made recommendations like washing your hands and keeping your hands away from your face, the people in the memes responded by stocking up on items like water and toilet paper.

Other memes reflected on life choices, and surmised that they must be immune to the virus.

“if you’ve ever used a frat house bathroom you’re immune to the coronavirus,” Twitter user Holland Beck wrote.

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