Why Is Alien Ant Farm Trending on Twitter?

YouTube Alien Ant Farm music video for 'Smooth Criminal'

Alien Ant Farm, a band that was hugely popular in the early 2000s, started trending on Twitter in 2020 and many users online were absolutely confused as to why. In fact, because no one could figure out why “Alien Ant Farm” was trending, the term trended even more with people tweeting to ask and find out the reason.

The American rock band, which released its ANThology album in 2001, contained the smash hit cover of Micahel Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” which was simultaneously trending with the band’s name on Saturday, and was unofficially named the theme song of COVID-19, the pandemic deadly coronavirus causing the world to self-quarantine.

Why? Because in the music video, the kid replicates Jackson’s iconic dance moves… is wearing a surgical mask.

After an eagle-eyed user online also pointed out the drummer, Mike Cosgrove, is wearing gloves in the video, the trend couldn’t be stopped on Twitter, especially due to the shared nostalgia for how great Alien Ant Farm’s cover truly was – it’s a banger.

Alien Ant Farm’s first album was released in 1999, entitled Greatest Hits, and their sophomore album, ANThology, which was produced by Stone Temple Pilots’ brothers, Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo, went certified platinum. The SoCal band was fronted by lead singer Dryden Mitchell, with Terry Corso on guitar, Mike Cosgrove on drums, and Tye Zamora on bass.

With bars and restaurants being shut down, and much of America relegated to working from home, users online are finding joy by reliving their Alien Ant Farm days, and debating which of their songs was the greats. Was it their cover of “Smooth Criminal,” or maybe it was “Movies,” depending on whose tweets you find online first.

So, What’s Alien Ant Farm Up To Today?

Alien Ant Farm perform on the Apollo stage at the Sonisphere rock festival in 2009.

While it seems for many that the popular rock band faded away after “Smooth Criminal,” they are still together and making music. The band released numerous albums after ANTHology: TruANT (2003), 3rd Draft (2005), Up in the Attic (2006)

While Corso and Zamora both left the bands for respective reasons at various points, they both returned by 2010. In 2011, Alien Ant Farm went on their “ANTicipation” U.S. tour, and also performed in Wales, to take part in a tribute concert following the death of Michael Jackson.

In 2015, their roster changed a bit once more. With Tim Peugh on bass, the band released the album Always and Forever.

In 2020, the band continues to perform and in addition to promising the releasing of new music, teamed up with Packinghouse Brewing Company to release their own branded beer, “IPAAF,” a double IPA.

In response to their newfound Twitter fame on Saturday, the band posted on their official, “We’re trending on Twitter today! Our old twitter account got hacked … starting a new guy… FOLLOW US NOW!” They are happily retweeting all their shout outs on Twitter and appear extremely grateful for the love.

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