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Fans will get to see Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd and Baltimore rapper Matt Walker end their relationship on Tuesday’s episode of the hit MTV reality show. While Floyd and Walker talked about potentially getting engaged and even having children together, Floyd ultimately decided the relationship wasn’t right for her.

Before this season aired, Floyd had remained quiet about why they broke up. Last week, viewers got some insight on the split, watching Floyd tell her sister, R KyleLynn, about a fight they had at a party in front of their family and friends. While she was “embarrassed” to talk about the details of the spat, it was the publicness of the event that seemed to bother Floyd the most.

Though Floyd was clear about her decision, things weren’t as transparent for Walker, who seemed to struggle with Floyd’s decision.“I don’t really know what the fuck happened if you want me to be real, I am not here to bash anybody, my ex included,” he previously said on Instagram Live, according to OK!

The Baltimore rapper, known in the music world as eMeX, had moved from Maryland to Los Angeles to be with the Teen Mom OG star and work on his burgeoning career.

The break up has been one of the main storylines for Floyd. Her bio on the Teen Mom OG website says:

After a fling, Cheyenne found herself co-parenting with her Challenge cast mate Cory. Their daughter, Ryder, has VLCAD, a rare genetic disorder, so Cheyenne works hard to bring awareness to and raise funds for the condition. Cheyenne was hoping her relationship with her boyfriend Matt would lead to an engagement, but when it fizzles out — and Cory and his girlfriend Taylor announce they’re having a baby — Cheyenne finds herself single for the first time in a long time.

The description for the April 28 episode confirms that Floyd ends her relationship with Walker. “Amber starts a new romance, while Catelynn considers starting a career as a vet tech. Maci is content co-parenting with Jen, Ryan’s mom, but Ryan is frustrated. Cheyenne ends her relationship with Matt, while Corey leaves to compete on The Challenge,” it reads.

To find out everything you know about Floyd and Walker’s break up, continue reading below for five fast facts:

  1. 1. Cheyenne Floyd & Matt Walker Broke Up After Her Trip to Thailand

Cheyenne Comes to a Decision About Matt | Teen Mom OGAfter some trouble in her relationship, Cheyenne makes a decision about where she stands with Matt. #TeenMomOG #TeenMom2 #MTV Subscribe to Teen Mom: A decade after it all began, Catelynn, Maci, Amber, and Cheyenne of Teen Mom OG continue to share their families' triumphs and struggles with the world. On Teen Mom 2, Jade…2020-04-28T16:00:10.000Z


The last time viewers saw Floyd and Walker, they weren’t sure about what to do with their relationship. Walker was trying to give Floyd space, and she asked him not to come on the trip to Thailand they have planned.

They tried to work on their problems, but they would still fight often, Floyd told her sister. Being in a bad head space was affecting her parenting. The former couple talked off-camera and decided to end their relationship after Floyd returned from Thailand.

“This wasn’t a conversation that just happened in one day. I feel like we tried to work at it. Like, we attempted to fix what I thought were problems or he thought were problems, but nothing’s getting fixed,” Floyd told her sister on Tuesday’s episode, a sneak peek clip showed. “For me as a mother, I can’t be put into this negative space and go and parent well.”

“I had to make the decision that I had to cut the negativity out of my life to be able to be a better mom. I’m just going to focus on myself, my businesses, raising Ryder and my family and that’s all I can do,” she added.

2. Walker’s Move to Los Angeles Frazzled Floyd

The Kickback Sessions: eMeX addresses new EP, Howard University, and his past relationshipBaltimore bred recording artist, eMeX, stops by The Kickback Sessions to discuss his new EP, "What's Done is Done", life at Howard University, his lessons in love from his past relationship, and the transition from Baltimore to Los Angeles.2020-02-27T02:00:04.000Z

One of the things that played a role in Walker and Floyd’s failed relationship was the rapper moving to Los Angeles. They agreed on Walker getting his own apartment, but when he got to Los Angeles his plans fell through. The rapper asked Floyd if he could move into her place, but the Teen Mom OG star didn’t want that. She allowed him to stay with her while he looked for an apartment though.

“I felt like put on the spot when he moved. It made me kind of like taken aback cause I explained to him a million times I’m not doing what I did in my past relationships. I’m not going to move someone in and I’m not going to move out,” Floyd told her sister on Tuesday’s episode. “It wasn’t going to happen that way.”

In an interview with The Homie Sydney, Walker said he planned to move to Southern California regardless, but being with Floyd “expedited” the move.

3. Being on ‘Teen Mom OG’ with Floyd Was Uncomfortable For Walker

During his February interview with The Homie Sydney, Walker revealed it was strange to appear on reality TV at first.

He didn’t want to bring up the name Teen Mom during the interview, jokingly saying, “We’re not even going to go there.” He asked for that part to be removed from the interview, and in the interview that was published to YouTube, The Homie Sydney bleeped out the part when she said, Teen Mom.

While he didn’t want “Teen Mom” to be spoken during his interview, Walker answered questions about appearing on the show and his relationship with Floyd, though The Homie Sydney didn’t mention Floyd by name.

Walker confirmed that the notoriety from the show did help bring more people to his music.

“Since our relationship was televised there have been some new ears who have been trying to attach onto what I represent. I shed my light in a genuine and positive way,” Walker said during the interview. “I don’t deny that nor do I shy away from that, but essentially I was doing me prior, so it was always coming anyway.”

Walker had to get used to being in front of the cameras and denied Teen Mom OG was scripted. “At first it was definitely an uncomfortable situation. I had to get acclimated. I think being around cameras … and you’re kinda being guided as to what the discussion of the day is gonna be,” he said. “It wasn’t fake or nothing like that. It wasn’t scripted.”

The Baltimore rapper added: “Realizing anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of TV … it was different, but I treat that shit with finesse.”

4. Walker Talks About His Split From Floyd on His New EP

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His latest EP, What’s Done is Done, was partly based on his split with Floyd.

“It was like a tell-all for me, of me wanting to get out where my head has been over the past few months and some of the experiences I have gone through in general, even outside of my relationship and whatnot,” Walker explained during his interview with The Homie Sydney.

“The first song was written while I was in my most recent relationship,” Walker confirmed. “That was very triggering because it was like I had to get this off my chest. She wasn’t very communicative. I wanted to talk things out. It was my way of being like, I’m gonna get this shit out some way. It was me taking that energy and putting it into something positive as opposed to the negative.”

5. Floyd Might Be Open to Dating After Her Split From Ex-Boyfriend Walker

Floyd wasn’t interested in dating immediately after her split from Walker. On Tuesday’s episode, when her sister asked if she wanted to find a new boyfriend, Floyd was turned off by the idea.

“No. I don’t want to go on a date,” she said in a sneak peek of the new episode. “I don’t want anyone to look at me. I’m not shaving my legs or my vagina.”

By mid-March, just as the new season of Teen Mom OG was about to premiere, Floyd slightly opened up to the idea of dating.

“In the beginning of the season, viewers will see what happened between Matt and I,” she told E! News. “I’m not really focused on dating. I’m just focused on being a good mom and starting the non-profit and the business.”

Though she wants to focus on her daughter, Ryder, and her career, she wasn’t completely ruling men out. “If someone comes into my life, I’d be open but I’m not looking. But if you have a nice guy that’s single and six feet four inches tall, bring him my way,” she teased to E! News. “The DMs are open.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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