Is Andrea Brooks (Faith) Ever Returning to ‘When Calls the Heart’?

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Is Andrea Brooks (Faith) ever returning to When Calls the Heart or has she left permanently? Her character left to advance her education and now Carson has a replacement hired. But is she ever coming back to Hallmark’s hit show? Brooks was gone a lot in Season 6 and now she’s been gone a lot again in Season 7. Here’s the scoop on what’s happening.

She’s Not Leaving ‘When Calls the Heart’

In the episode Family Matters, which aired in March, Faith got the news that she was accepted into medical school. But she’d have to attend in Chicago, which meant moving away. Carson told her that she should go, telling that sometimes the right choice involves taking risks. Faith said she’d still visit, but this left Andrea Brooks’ future on the show unclear to fans.

Her character’s already missed and it feels like Carson’s storyline’s on hold temporarily while she’s gone. Faith was gone quite a bit in Season 6 too and wasn’t even in the Season 6 finale. She had left town to take care of her father after he had a heart attack, and she didn’t return to the show until Season 7. But then she left again for medical school, after staying a little longer to care for Rosemary when she came down with the chickenpox. When she left, she and Carson had an emotional goodbye.

But it looks like it won’t be a permanent goodbye.

It turns out that Andrea Brooks isn’t leaving When Calls the Heart. During the second half of Season 7’s filming, she was on maternity leave, Country Living reported. This was why Brooks left the show and Faith went to Chicago. But she’s still in the series and isn’t leaving permanently.

The actress who plays Faith has been really busy lately. In addition to maternity leave and recently giving birth to daughter Viola, Andrea Brooks has had a lot on her plate that sometimes takes her away from When Calls the Heart. She’s been a regular on Supergirl too. Both Supergirl and When Calls the Heart are filmed in Canada. Supergirl is filmed in Vancouver and When Calls the Heart is filmed just south of Vancouver on a lovely farm. So her two filming locations aren’t too far away from each other.

But filming both is still a crazy schedule for her. She told My Devotional Thoughts in December 2018: “It’s been so crazy between Supergirl and When Calls the Heart because this season,  both shows literally started on the exact same day. I have had a lot of days this season where I had to wake up and go to Supergirl and shoot my scenes there in the morning. And then as of noon or whatever the cutoff time was, I would head over to the other set and When Calls the Heart would have me for the second half of the day. There has been a lot of that back and forth stuff this season.”

During the pandemic, Brooks has been staying very busy at home while still social distancing.

On the Hallmark podcast Bubbly Sesh, Brooks said on March 16: “Hopefully, if we are lucky enough to have another season, she’ll come back with a whole new education behind her.”

So it looks like Brooks doesn’t have plans to leave any time soon.

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